Big Daddy, The Dirty Protester

Oct 26, 2011 | Uncategorized | 40 comments

In “honor” of the protests arriving in Chicago,
I thought I would share with you the protester costume that Joel wore to a party last weekend. Yes, he wore this out in public. Yes, I let him.
Ever the “politically incorrect” couple, I sent him off (since we had no sitter) to the party as a dirty, Wall Street protester. Sporting matted, un-washed “hair” (hubby rocks the cue ball in real life), a home made “peace” t-shirt (something he wouldn’t be caught dead in), a sock cap going for that rasta man look and a homemade sign made even funnier with texting era numeric “words”… you know, like those over-educated Columbia U. students might use.
Can’t you smell the stench? That’s patchouli oil and entitlement.



If your knickers are in a knot you should have SEEN the illegal alien costume his friend wore! “OMG, why would you do this?”
Grow up protesters.
Good Lord, I don’t even watch T.V. and I am sick of you already.
Oh, and BTW, Big Daddy went almost two years without work and never once did he (quit showering,) pick up a sign and begrudge the money that other people were working for.
Just sayin.’


  1. Christi

    L:OVE it! When my hubby was unemployed, we didn’t do “that” either… just kept looking for work!

  2. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Oh, ANG, nothin’ like current events for a HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE!!

    Did he have a hash pipe? Did he take a bong? Did he take his iPad or laptop? Did he beg for food donations? Did he defecate on a police car, thrown paint on the cops? Did he have a dirty tent that he parked on some private property and then threatened the landowner when he was asked to leave?

    I LOVE the costume; but your hubby could NEVER be a maggot like those protesters!

  3. Connie

    I think I’m in love with your hubby, chick!! You go, girl…er man….whatever. I’m sick of being politically correct. Actually, I’m NOT!!

  4. Priscilla

    I’m still laughing.
    I had been cruising Google Reader, when I saw one of those filthy, stupid “protesters” and did a double take. He looked so familiar. My first thought was that it was someone here in Portland that I had met at some time. I started reading it and then I realized it was your blog and it was your (normally) handsome husband! That’s when I started laughing. Oh, how funny.

  5. Ivy Clad

    Say on, Sista!


  6. Lorilee

    LOVE IT. I pretty much only keep company with politically INcorrect folks!

  7. Jeri Landers

    AND THE “Media” has the nerve to compare these foolish, lazy, clueless layabouts to the Tea Party. The tea party has purpose, cleans up it’s mess and actually understands WHY they gather together.

    I wish these O.W.boneheads knew what dupes they are for the LEFT.
    Three Cheers for your hubby!

  8. Stephanie

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! That is awesome!

  9. the cake chick

    I LOVE IT!!!!! I work from home, but my office is in Boston. Those dirty smelly protesters have ruined the greenway which is a block from my office.

  10. Joannah

    I love it! I’m terrible about planning costumes and always impressed when people come up with something funny and smart like this.

  11. WhiteWhispers2u

    That’s a hoot! I am laughing my a$$ off.Big Daddy Rocks~Cheers Kim

  12. Princess Polkadot

    OK, that ought to have been prefaced with a “norking through the nose” warning. Hopefully my laptop is undamaged by the spray of liquid. 😀

    Well don!

  13. Valerie

    OMG…LOVE this!

    And ANG, your husband is STILL hot, even dressed up as a dirty, stinky protester!

  14. FinsFan

    That is HILARIOUS !!! Holy Moly – i hope he won the best costume for that one!! 🙂

  15. Catherine

    Good for you and your hubby! I’m so happy to see a young couple like yourselves take a stand against the misguided, politically correct views that we are constantly bombarded with in this country. Also, don’t give up on keeping your chickens, I’m rooting for you on this one.

  16. Burlap Luxe

    Good morning to you!
    What a great post, waking up my early morning with a LoL!!

    Your Big Daddy is great to play along! great sense of humor run in your family funny or not! those protesters should read this post!

    Cheers to your weekend.


  17. Emily

    Dear Angela,
    I’ve been checking in with your blog for some time now, and I love your “savoir-vivre” inspired living. I also love your appreciation of children and the domestic arts! You are inspiring to me as I stay home and raise my two sons.

  18. Valerie

    Hey girl…not that you even need affirmation that you made the right decision to homeschool…but just in case…

    hop on over if you have a chance.


    P.S. chris and i are soooo borrowing your hubby’s Halloween gig for tomorrow night!

  19. The Gilded JunqueYard

    Hey Ang….Tom and i are borrowing this idea for tonight’s halloween party we’re going to. I’ve got so many “protests” sign ideas of my own that i think i need to just be one big walking bill board Ha…hopefully we’re not walking into a mostly liberal party tonight or they may just make us stay outside in our dirty tent pitched in their front yard! haha

  20. Joy

    MOST EXCELLENT!! Yeah, they want their student loans forgiven??? I want my mortgage forgiven!! LOL!

  21. CIndy

    Gee christians are soooo tolerant. Judge not, love thy neighbor- WAKE UP snd get a clue. Occupy Wallstreet rocks! p.s. please take and English class- I cringe at your continual use of improper grammer and spelling – you call yourself a “teacher” right? Just sayin’….
    signed- one of those “over educated” people.

  22. vintagegirl

    Cindy ~

    It seems to me that you are the one who needs an english class, since you can’t even spell grammer correctly AND you have typos! You need to work on your GRAMMAR!

    Just sayin’

  23. Thistle Cove Farm

    Wonderful! Where were all these protesters when Obama was handing out Half a Billion $$$…more than $700,000…to his buds who went bankrupt in less than six months?
    Judging? Not hardly, just asking the hard question.
    I paid off Every Single $$$ I borrowed…and no one held a gun to my head and forced me to borrow!…for my school loans AND I worked my way through university by cleaning toilets and other people’s messes.
    Stop whining to me, children, you’ll get cold comfort here.

  24. Erikita

    Wow…dear lord speaking mama..going to parties and raving about dressing up as protesters and “illegal aliens” (whatever that costume consists of) seems very judgemental. God doesnt label anyone as illegal alien..and don’t forget every time you eat at a mexican restaurant you white people can’t seem to get enough of..95% of the time it’s a mexican back there prepping your food (or spitting in it ha!)…your hubby not having a job for 2 years..that’s not about politics, that’s just plain bad karma you attract. Blessings!

  25. Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig

    I love it and couldn’t agree more!
    My ideological and kindred spirit, you! 😉

    I have zero sympathy for them freezing out there right now.


  26. BetteJo

    OMG the criticism. The left can dish it out but certainly can’t take being poked fun at! I love the costume! And I also love self-reliance and not looking for a handout. Oh wait – a sense of humor is great too!

  27. Texas Mom

    That costume is hilarious!!

  28. Amber

    All I can say is…. I wish we were neighbors! 🙂

  29. The Path Traveled

    I love your blog post today and totally agree…enoughs, enough

  30. Mischelle


  31. Antique Paperie

    AMEN Sistah! Hilarious post – I loved it! Old Centennial Farmhouse Comment: Did he have a hash pipe? Did he throw paint on the cops? OMG…I was rolling on the floor. Happy week to your family!

  32. GardenGirl

    Sad. Have you ever spoken to anyone protesting? Or are you judging all these souls by appearance? Oh, and by the way, they don’t all look the same. I am a christian. I believe Jesus would be talking and hanging with the folks on the street…not on Wall Street.



  33. Anonymous

    How profoundly rude you are. The great thing about America is freedom of speech and the sad thing about America these days is the huge gap between the wealth of a few and the increasing poverty of the middle class. It’s scary and I for one appreciate the Wall Street protesters and yes it must be a dirty business. What a great sacrifice they are making to be the voice of so many that don’t know what to do or say.


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