Am I the only one watching the World Cup? What is wrong with America? The biggest sport in the world and I have to watch it on UniVision! There is something bizarre about watching France VS Switzerland, Germany VS Poland and today England VS Trinidad in SPANISH! I am hanging on for dear life but thoroughly enjoying every kick, block and bounce off the head. And how could I not? I mean have you SEEN Beckham and his other dreamy team mates? Shame on me!
What a bunch of bad asses. I am still trying to figure out the appeal for American football when there is a sport like futball! Back and forth, their lungs must be made of steel! Then the goalie kicks the ball, like, the entire length of the field and some crazy down on the other end blocks it WITH HIS HEAD!!! Hello? This is so cool!!!
So, the commercial break is over. I just thought I would remind you of another downer of living in America. It may be “the greatest place to live” but there are just alot of aspects of it that SUCK. I can just see the pubs in England and Paris right now, a smoky haze full of people enjoying their unemployment or two hour lunch breaks, using words like “wanker” “bloody hell” “soddding” and “meird, the even more offensive, “putain” and “GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”