Belly Shots (Photographs With Kids and My Pregnant Self)

Aug 25, 2011 | Uncategorized | 28 comments

Sort of.
Easier said than done with your kids underfoot, a borrowed flash (mine is broke) and a busted remote control for your camera.
Everyone keeps telling me to take it easy – have you ever met an expectant mother who had time to take it easy?
If you want me to take it easy than you come over and clean my house, entertain my kids and fill my freezer with meals – hows that?
In the meantime, I’ve got a list and I’m checkin’ it twice.
Belly shots – no matter how crappy they turn out are on the that list. I thought today, since I have to give the borrowed flash back tomorrow I would try to get some done (though, if time allows I will have Joel help me and be a part of the another batch!). I threw on about ten pounds of makeup, grabbed the black sheets and the kids and I had a riot trying to get ONE photo where we are all looking at the camera. No success. And the focus and lighting was terrible since I had Aidan basically running the camera so I wouldn’t have to keep hoisting myself up and off the ground over and over again. Photography speaking – these are REALLY bad but
I over-edited the snot out of them to make them “acceptable” – sure hope we can get some proper ones in before the big day but at least now, if this sweet baby makes and early appearance I’ve got something to show for “my last belly.” The best ones I ever took where when I was pregnant with Aidan, my friend Sarah took them for me and they were beautiful.
Too bad she lives 3 hours away now.
Wish I had a photographer nearby.
When you’re everyones photographer – who takes YOUR photographs?



If I have time to try again, I promise I’ll share.


  1. Sush

    I LOVE your belly shots! What’s to complain…you look beautiful, the children look beautiful and you have a blooming beautiful belly!

    Carry on~

  2. SueBee

    These are awesome!

  3. debbie h.

    SO beautiful Angela. Your babies are so adorable and can you be any more radiant? Can’t wait to see the newest addition when the time comes. Have a beautiful day:)

  4. La Table De Nana

    The photos are wonderful! You’re all beautiful~ Glowing:)

  5. Carissa

    You are too hard on yourself… For “bad pictures” (your words not mine). I think these are REALLY good!!! 🙂

    Just beautiful, so worth the effort.

    All of you look wonderful.

    Thinking of you in these last days, praying too!

    Love Carissa

  6. VarietGrrl

    I wouldn’t change a thing – the shots are lovely and spontaneous! The middle one of the 3 children laughing is beautiful. Enjoy!

  7. My Casa Bella

    How sweet, I think they turned out great! You all look beautiful!

  8. Greta

    Awww! Personally I think they are beautiful photos, and your belly looks lovely! You are lucky not to have the “line!!!” :o)

  9. Priscilla

    With such beautiful subjects, you can’t fail to take wonderful photos. Memories are made of this…

  10. Amy

    🙂 oh goodness. these are sweet. I would have loved to take your belly shots! best wishes to you and your family as you welcome your newest wee one:)

  11. Valerie

    So sweet!

    I think the middle pic is my favorite…shows the personality of your threesome!


  12. christschild

    I think they’re great:) LOVE your blog:)

  13. claudia b

    You look merveilleux, my cherie!!!

  14. A Cottage Muse

    You look absolutely stunning!
    Those three little smiles are just beautiful too!

  15. jewelsinthegarden +: )

    I like them! and I like your little one’s “oh oh” hand over the mouth one!!

  16. Deanna

    darling photos of the wee ones and group shot of you with children.

    Like the black background.

    God bless,
    d from homehaven nestled in the kansas flinthills

  17. cityfarmer

    mama here …

    I thought I was the back up photographer …

    I couldn’t have done it better!!!

    what precious faces … sone to be four …
    we’ll do it all again … with PR ok?

  18. Texas Mom

    VERY sweet pics!!! 🙂

  19. Mari

    You look spectacular. Such a special time. God bless you, your family and the bebe to be.

  20. Desiree

    I’ve come over from Sush and love this post! You’re so right about everyone telling you to take things easy. It’s NOT that simple when things HAVE to be done! I remember those days of early Motherhood and pregnacy so well!

    These are delightful pictures! Your little ones are adorable and each one so different. I love how natural you all look…happy, relaxed and unselfconscious. Really lovely photographs!

  21. Shawna


  22. Joannah

    You look great, Angela! I have no belly shots. I felt like crapola and the idea of a “photographic memory” of my horrible edema just wasn’t enticing to me.


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