Sort of.
Easier said than done with your kids underfoot, a borrowed flash (mine is broke) and a busted remote control for your camera.
Everyone keeps telling me to take it easy – have you ever met an expectant mother who had time to take it easy?
If you want me to take it easy than you come over and clean my house, entertain my kids and fill my freezer with meals – hows that?
In the meantime, I’ve got a list and I’m checkin’ it twice.
Belly shots – no matter how crappy they turn out are on the that list. I thought today, since I have to give the borrowed flash back tomorrow I would try to get some done (though, if time allows I will have Joel help me and be a part of the another batch!). I threw on about ten pounds of makeup, grabbed the black sheets and the kids and I had a riot trying to get ONE photo where we are all looking at the camera. No success. And the focus and lighting was terrible since I had Aidan basically running the camera so I wouldn’t have to keep hoisting myself up and off the ground over and over again. Photography speaking – these are REALLY bad but
I over-edited the snot out of them to make them “acceptable” – sure hope we can get some proper ones in before the big day but at least now, if this sweet baby makes and early appearance I’ve got something to show for “my last belly.” The best ones I ever took where when I was pregnant with Aidan, my friend Sarah took them for me and they were beautiful.
Too bad she lives 3 hours away now.
Wish I had a photographer nearby.
When you’re everyones photographer – who takes YOUR photographs?



If I have time to try again, I promise I’ll share.