We dove into the work so hard core 8 weeks ago that we didn’t get as many
“before” photos as I wanted… But thankfully, my little film maker grabbed the video camera and decided to give a tour.  
It’s so cute so see it from the kid’s point of view… notice the coolest thing to him is the knob on a broken heater.  

I can’t believe this is the same house~

We are narrowing the breathing situation down to the ducts. 
 We just found out the previous owners had a GERMAN SHEPARD – a type of dog I am deathly allergic to!!!  So, the tufts of hair I was sucking out of corners with the shop vac weeks ago were not cat hair balls (which would have been bad enough) but german shepard hair balls – the size of tumbleweeds.  I had tons of windows open so I was just a little itchy back then- nothing horrible.

A couple weeks ago the heat went out and our landlord replaced the furnace with a “mammer jammer”- we think maybe this new furnace is BLASTING this hair and dander into the air.  Joel cleaned the filter after just a week and he said it was the grossest thing he has ever seen.
So – for now we have filtered over all the air vents and we have covered the bedroom vent with plastic and I am sleeping with the window open (I don’t mind the cold air).  We keep the heat very low so it runs as little as possible.  
My voice is still two octaves lower than normal and I still cough but it doesn’t feel like an elephant is sitting on my chest as often.  We have been working with the landlord on this problem (he and Joel went hunting for mold in the attic the other day) – I hope he will spring for getting the ducts cleaned – though I am concerned about them stirring it all up and making it worse and the chemicals involved.

We are so grateful to have been give the information about the German Shepard – that knowledge makes a big difference knowing my allergic history.
God has brought us this far.
  We do not doubt his hand on Half Way Farm and our family.

Obviously – 4 minutes of watching Aidan wield the camera is a bit dull – but it’s that carpet!  I couldn’t resist showing you how ugly that carpet was again!
Update – I wrote most of this late, late last night.  We are now getting the ducts cleaned tomorrow morning first thing.  For now, (I was so uncomfortable this afternoon) we are snuggled in with the heat totally off for the night – sleeping caps -n- all! 
 Can’t wait to see if getting them cleaned works!