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Aug 13, 2013 | Full Time Family | 4 comments

Still pregnant.
Still waiting.
Others around the world are waiting too.
Like my cousin, whom I ADORE so much and wish that time and distance allowed us to nurture our friendship more.  I have loved watching her grow up – which sounds silly, cause she is 30 now.  But we have been friends for as long as I can remember… even wandered the streets of Paris together, the Loire Valley and we have a lifetime of laughs and even some tears tucked under our belts.  She is, as her name Jennifer Grace implies – full of it and I love watching her with her son.
She is waiting to adopt a baby from Africa.
It is her heart’s desire as given to her by God.
A few years back she went to Kenya with her sister (right in the middle of all that turmoil, remember that?)… just to hold babies.  She came back forever changed.








She is a wonderful mother.  
And somewhere, out there is an African baby waiting to be loved by her.
I have seen amazing generosity from the readers of Parisienne Farmgirl and I just wanted to share this with you.  If God impresses upon you to, would you donate to Jen and her family as they are raising an impossible (without God) amount of money?  And of course, pray that God would open doors for them that no man can.
You can read more about her story via her beautiful writings at
Jen’s lovely paintings are for sale too (to raise money).
You can click the photo to be taken to her full selection…




And thank you for your prayers… for Jen and myself.
Yes, I’m a bit frustrated.  
Come on sweet baby.  Come on.


  1. Pur et Simple

    Be good to yourself and rest – and enjoy your sweet babes these last few days before your family changes forever – and the better. 🙂
    Can’t wait to meet your new blessing and hear the beautiful birth story.

    The paintings are beautiful – and touching. Praying for God to move in mighty ways for them.

  2. Jennifer Grace

    I read this in the car on the way to Michigan for our much needed vacation. Definitely brought tears to my eyes…for several reasons. I feel like we lead two very different, very beautiful lives and rarely get to laugh and cry about them the way we used to. I miss ma cousine. I miss mon amie. I also was so touched that while waiting for your little one to come, (which I know is all consuming in one’s mind, especially so close to the end) you were led to pray and share about our little one. I feel humbled and blessed that with four shirtless kids running around and a baby ready to pop out…you thought of me and my wait. I can’t wait to sit down someday with both babies bouncing on our laps and share our stories. Love you. so much.
    p.s. did you know they speak french in the congo?

  3. Mandy

    blessings to your cousin…i hope that lil one is in her arms soon. and as for you…go jump on a trampoline or somethin’!


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