style="text-align: center;">ON ANOTHER, MORE REFRESHING, BEAUTIFUL NOTE…

The farm is coming along.

It’s as though each day my dream is coming more and more true.
It doesn’t even feel right to say “my dreams are coming true” – it doesn’t mean life is any easier… it just means, this one thing we have wanted for so long is actually happening and I just can’t hardly believe it…

That sounds so corny.  So corny.  But I just can’t believe I GET to live on a farm.  It’s just a matter of weeks now.  We work around the clock… packing, painting, schooling and of course life must go on in the midst of it which makes the entire process absolutely exhausting. I look like some sort of haggard, worn out version of myself and look forward to “re-cooping” – pun intended, all winter. But we are getting there and I am working on a post with updated videos and photos.  

I am beginning my “Bee Research” and wondered if any of you Midwest gals have a bee variety that you have had success with.  I am needing to decide so I can place my order for next Spring!

Merci bien!