Bee Kind… Beekeeping Advice Requested

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The farm is coming along.

It’s as though each day my dream is coming more and more true.
It doesn’t even feel right to say “my dreams are coming true” – it doesn’t mean life is any easier… it just means, this one thing we have wanted for so long is actually happening and I just can’t hardly believe it…

That sounds so corny.  So corny.  But I just can’t believe I GET to live on a farm.  It’s just a matter of weeks now.  We work around the clock… packing, painting, schooling and of course life must go on in the midst of it which makes the entire process absolutely exhausting. I look like some sort of haggard, worn out version of myself and look forward to “re-cooping” – pun intended, all winter. But we are getting there and I am working on a post with updated videos and photos.  

I am beginning my “Bee Research” and wondered if any of you Midwest gals have a bee variety that you have had success with.  I am needing to decide so I can place my order for next Spring!

Merci bien!


  1. Lady Courtney

    First in response to your last post (and you do not have to post this reply, I just wanted to reply to you) Forget Red – Once again, People’s TRUE Colors are Revealed. Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5, went downstairs to turn the tv on, had to know. I was standing one minute, and dropped onto a chair with the worst feeling in my stomach. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I just don’t get it, I don’t get it! I then trudged back upstairs to wakeup my husband, let’s just say he was PISSED. And the market, what a drop. I honestly think the republican party needs to stop focusing on being closer to the middle and be who they are…we are Conservatives with a conscious. I do feel your pain, and a lot more people will be feeling the pain!!! Always stand up for what you believe in. They do, but hate it when someone’s beliefs are not the same. GO GIRL! GO RED! donna 🙂

  2. Lady Courtney

    I’m looking forward to what your readers say about bees…I have always wanted to have bees and of course chickens. I was just at an auction, and was standing behind my husband when they were auction ing off a feeder and waterer, I bid on it, won it for $2, and when the auctioneer read off my number, my husband turned around and said “you bought that”, yep, and he then said “we don’t even have chickens”, which made everyone laugh, and I said “not yet!” Build it and they will come!

    🙂 donna

  3. Valerie

    So excited for you! Can’t wait to see pics and video!


  4. Fort Western Stores

    I’ve never had bees, but I’ve known a few friends to keep them. Fresh honey from your own bees (or friends’ bees) is so delicious. I’m glad you’re adding bees to your farm.

  5. vintage girl at heart

    check out the coop keeper. she keeps bees or did and her writing is always fun!
    looking forward to seeing your new farm!

  6. Thistle Cove Farm

    Don’t wear perfume when you work the bees and don’t work the bees when you’re angry or upset. Then sense moods and emotions and respond accordingly. I’ve worked bees, with Daddy, and have never worn bee gear and Daddy has worked them in his house slippers and workpants, no shirt. Daddy is always calm around his bees and they pick up on his mood.
    As to the election, I simply do not understand why he was re-elected. I truly don’t but I do know God has blessed our nation because of His believers. We must not stop praying and working with God’s will in mind.

  7. GardenGirl

    oh how i would love to keep some bees. bless your days.

  8. Elma

    OH bees sounds fun. We have chickens only five hens and one rooster and we love them. They are the most fun and my little kids love getting the eggs!!!

  9. Sarah Jean

    I don’t know if you have resolved this yet, but I am a beekeeper in Washington state. The two best ways to get bees are either

    1) ordering them through a local beekeeping supply business. I ordered Italians from California for my first hive, I paid $75. But, they aren’t as used to the cold, wet weather here. . .

    2) capture a local swarm. This is the best if you want a time tested, non-medicated, local hive. I recommend this route if at all possible. Contact a swarm removal group from the phone book, it is usually FREE!, they can locate, capture and maybe even deliver the bees to you.

    I am so excited for you!
    Sarah Jean


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