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Jan 27, 2010 | On Motherhood | 20 comments

Happy One Week Birthday Ma Petite Fille!

How has one week passed already?
I have no idea.
I have no idea how the sun has risen and set that many times, how did life go on while I could not take my eyes off you?
Changing right before them…filling out, ever rosy skin, eyes focusing and your sweet breath all night long while we snuggle.
My little snuggle bean. And why shouldn’t you want to snuggle? We have been for the last 9 months – should I be surprised that cuddled up next to me is where you would spend the last 6 peaceful nights?
I will tell you, what I tell the other chickens…
“I love you ever so.”

This is how I was told “3” would be…easier than two because these two are such buddies they have something to “do” while I care for and fawn over the “Littlest One”
Surprised you couldn’t hear the hysterical giggling from here!

Siblings pretend to send out emails about their new sister.
Look at my strong girl.

Amélie, checking her voice mail. Look at that crossed leg, she is so feminine…that is her latest thing, crossing that leg.
Baby “J” and her birthday roses. Now drying for her nursery that has yet to be decorated…


  1. Molly @ Star Cottage

    Oh I just adore all the pictures of your little darling. I am so eager to have another baby. I sure hope three is easier than two, there are days I worry about my soon to be middle child adjusting to the changes. She will have been the baby for 3 yrs by the time our new little bundle arrives. And she is quite clingy 😉 Where do you find the energy. You look fabulous.

  2. My Yellow House

    She’s beautiful! God gives us the greatest things ~

  3. Cathy

    With tears of joy in my eyes for you and your precious family I write that this is the sweetest post I have ever seen.

    What you are doing and how you are living is truly what life is all about!!!

    Thanks for sharing this…it brings back perfect memories of perfect bliss filled days!!!

    God bless you all!!!

  4. Tina Leigh

    All I can think about is how time goes by so fast…my grand daughter that I am totaly in love with is 28 months old…it makes me want to ball my eyes out!!! So I am so jealous of you BUT I am so glad that you are a woman/mother that is so totaly in love with all 3 of your blessings!

  5. Teri

    Okay… I’m 49 and this post makes me want to have another baby!!! I guess I’ll have to settle for my new grandbaby due in June.


  6. Faith

    She is so precious!!! All three of them are. I love the close up of you holding her. I’m so happy for you guys!!!

  7. Farmgirl Cyn

    The 1st thing I noticed was Amelie’s crossed legs!
    And how sweet baby J is!

    Keep the photos coming!

  8. Bonjour Madame

    I’m dying over the crossed leg pose while holding the cell phone. She’s so cute!

  9. Valerie

    Hi Angela!

    If I haven’t dropped by already to say Congratulations, I’m saying it now! (I can’t remember who I’ve visited over the last few days!)

    I can’t believe a WEEK has passed either! How can that be? Although I like to hear that b/c that means I am one weak closer to 40-weeks, myself!

    I will definitely be following you closely to see how one manages with three (not that I’m worried, but tips and tricks are always handy) as we are expecting our 3rd the last week of July/first week of August.

    Many blessings to you and your beautiful family,

    And what is up with Asian commenters? Someone has left me 2 posts in recent weeks and I can’t read them? I thought it was just a weird fluke…it’s INAPPROPRIATE websites? AAAAAGH!

  10. Mrs. B.

    Juliette is simply beautiful. It looks like pure bliss at your house.

  11. Mrs. G

    So adorable. Looks like you all are doing great.

  12. cityfarmer

    it is pure bliss here …I’m seeing it firsthand …

    add to the leg crossed … at dinner last night Amelie moved her head (to the position we use when on the cell phone with one hand) … proclaimed ” I’m leaving a message” …

  13. MommaMindy

    I agree three kids is easier because the two play with each other. Your kids showed that beautifully. I found three challenging only when I went out in public. One in car seat, one on hip…one running loose. I would try to have that one hang on to something, diaper bag, skirt to keep track of them. But, I have to admit, it was WONDERFUL “problem” to have. It was such a joy to have my children close in age. Thank you for the glimpses into your blessed life.

  14. Joy

    Ahhhh… THESE are the days! I know you love them and that is very wise of you. When you are a Granny you will be thankful that you loved these days.

  15. Amy

    i adore these photos
    have a very weak spot for the one of your wee girl and her crossed legs:) adorable!

    noting beats those first few weeks with a new babe to hold and love;)

  16. Belle de Ville

    Sending you my very belated congratulations to you and your family on your adorable little girl. What a bundle of love!

  17. BonjourRomance

    Oh congratulations on the arrival of your sweet new baby girl. THis is such a precious post – what a gorgeous family you have. Brother and sister look so happy with their new sister. And Momma looks just beautiful!
    Best wishes to you and yours!


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