Happy One Week Birthday Ma Petite Fille!

How has one week passed already?
I have no idea.
I have no idea how the sun has risen and set that many times, how did life go on while I could not take my eyes off you?
Changing right before them…filling out, ever rosy skin, eyes focusing and your sweet breath all night long while we snuggle.
My little snuggle bean. And why shouldn’t you want to snuggle? We have been for the last 9 months – should I be surprised that cuddled up next to me is where you would spend the last 6 peaceful nights?
I will tell you, what I tell the other chickens…
“I love you ever so.”

This is how I was told “3” would be…easier than two because these two are such buddies they have something to “do” while I care for and fawn over the “Littlest One”
Surprised you couldn’t hear the hysterical giggling from here!

Siblings pretend to send out emails about their new sister.
Look at my strong girl.

Amélie, checking her voice mail. Look at that crossed leg, she is so feminine…that is her latest thing, crossing that leg.
Baby “J” and her birthday roses. Now drying for her nursery that has yet to be decorated…