Ugh, I feel this obligation to blog about today, we huddled around the radio to hear “history”  I think I have alot to say but none of my thoughts are really formulated yet.  I wish the “Glowbama” thing was mine – but it was Laura’s and I about fell over when I heard it.  

Honestly, I hope the glow wears off and fast.  Great, we have a celebrity in office.  It’s the United States of Access Hollywood.  It’s “Post-racial America” but at the same time we should be dancing in  the streets because there is a (half) black man in office.  Some are even saying there is an “African” in office.  I swear if this keeps up I’m going to call myself a European.
I think the thing that bothered me most was Bono (or should I say BOZO!)  I heard him say, “He (Barack) Proves America Exists” – Somebody should bitch slap that guy.  Hello?  I think that to say the very least the THOUSANDS of Americans that died in the last century for Europe should count for something.  This comment is along the lines of Michelle’s “He’s going to heal our soul’s” comment.  Electing a black man, electing a democrat, electing Barack Obama did not validate us as a country.  
We were a great country before today.   We don’ t need a rock star, we don’t need a savior.  We need a leader.  And my goodness, can the press tone down the whole “if you don’t get on board your not patriotic”?  I’m sick of that too.  
Forty four times now we have peacefully sworn in a new leader.  That is something that we should be so proud of.  I may not like him but he IS the President.  He can command a press conference.  Let’s see if he can command a country.