First, I have to THANK darling Noël (commenter) who mentioned this movie in the comments of my most recent post.  WHAT A DELIGHT to sit and watch this movie about Paul… a gardener who loves and trusts The Lord.
At first, though I was enjoying the gardening aspect I thought Paul a bit extravagant… a bit of an over the top person.  The kind of person who can’t stop talking about their passion…

Takes one to know one I suppose.

Then I found myself invited into his passion for gardening and rather envious of his relationship with God.  I let go of my snooty “skepticlism” and just listened and learned.

For someone who is pouring over seed catalogs, stressing out over vertical or horizontal rows (as viewed from my kitchen sink), constantly on Craigslist looking for free rabbits or free rabbit poop… wondering what to do with all the chicken poop filled straw…. how long does it take to break down… will I be able to manage the weeds…   

For someone who’s brain is all about 
Gardening from January first on out… 

This movie was an unexpected breath of fresh air and I can’t say we won’t be giving this “technique” a try here on Half-Way Farm.

I hope you enjoy.  
You might want to take notes.
I tried to embed it but didn’t want to wait for permission so simply click the link below… it’s a real movie so set aside time to watch the entire thing and let me know what you think.