Ok, perhaps not the way Steven Tyler means it but I am definitely BACK!

Today is my first day on my own. Joel has a few days of work this week (and hopefully a year full after that!) and today is my first day on the job, full time, as a mother of two.

I could not wait. I wanted to try it so bad! So far (it’s 1:30) everything is going well. They are both napping, every stitch of laundry in the house is done, the dishwasher is clean and so am I – I even have perfume and mascara on.

Amélie is a nursing machine so I am considering all of the above QUITE an accomplishment. She is SO FAT! And is the biggest baby the midwife said she has ever seen at a 17 day check up. At that point she had gained an average of two ounces a day which does not surprise me cause Lucy and Ethel NEVER get a break. Or so it seems.

The last 21 days have just been a riot and I already am excited to have another one someday.

Last night Aidan went down like a dream – I am trying to tweak his naptime because the staying in bed at night has been quite an issue around here. We finally realized that if he wakes up at 3 and goes to bed at 7:30 he simply is not tired enough. This, after denying him chocolate milk in the mornings (soy), spankings, taking toys away the next day – NOTHING was working and we were SICK of ending the day of a very well behaved child with spanking after spanking. Finally I realized I had never seen him get hyper, yawn or even rub his eyes at night – DUGH, maybe he is just NOT tired. So, I put him down at noon today – we’ll see how it goes tonight.

So, all is quite on the homefront for now. I KNOW not every day will be like this but I am feeling pretty good and happy that I have not had to encounter that “how am I going to do this?” feeling. I can tell there are people praying. When I incorporate a workout and trips in public into our routine I am sure that will spice things up a bit but today I have a lot of peace about this new life and I am loving it!