style="text-align: center;">AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Ok, maybe that reads weird, but it’s this funny thing my Mom says right before something big is about to happen.
Like that rush when you transition and know the baby will be here within a few pushes…
I love that part.
This is so exciting, but I must confess, my knees are actually shaking, sitting here, ready to send this magazine to the publisher.  What if we got a page number wrong in the table of contents, what if we miss someone’s name… what if, what if, what if???  
Any mistakes are on me!!!  
Little miss, self proclaimed “editor”!
I am not the type to be nervous – 
but this seems so big to me.
So many people have helped, so many people have worked so hard, poured out their expertise into articles, styled photographs… so many people are helping to get the word out…
 People volunteering to put it on their sidebar, to advertise, FOR FREE for us, to proofread… I could go on and on.
Awesome company’s like have been a lifesaver.
Amazing people like Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds have partnered with us!!!
Generous people, well established in the biz are working with us.
  I can’t believe it. 
Can’t BELIEVE it!
I wanted it to be gorgeous.
It is.
I wanted it to be full of inspiration and something that was actually worth reading.
It is.
I wanted it to be a place to showcase the amazing talent that is out there.
It is.
If I am gone for a few days – forgive.
Like after birth – I am exhausted and finding reprieve in my family and in my garden and in the suddenly slowed pace.  
I have creative ideas for this blog that I can’t wait to write, but I need a bit of a break.
Gearing up for a Launch Party to celebrate
…. people coming all the way from Missouri!  
April 1st is right around the corner.
I just can’t believe all this.
You all are so wonderful.
Much Affection,