My feet are up, 
Dishes are put away,
and I am happy to say,
Victoria (my SIL) looked GORGEOUS that day.
My oh my.
  So not fair, the rest of us look like Sasquash three weeks before our due date and she doesn’t even have “fat head.”
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be “Auntie Angela.”
It’s even fun to write the words.
And for my children to be cousins.  I know how much my cousins mean to me.  Especially memories of the ones we grew up so close to.
Onesies, bellies and babies – Oh my!
We played “What’s in Momma’s Purse” and my cousin destroyed everyone by gaining big points for having things like a tea bag, Pepper spray and a Bible in her purse!  And watching those girls swarm around the Macaron Tower made the crazy idea of trying to assemble one totally worth it.  Can you say vultures?
And I’ll say it again – Doesn’t she look radiant?
She’ll be holding and smelling and savoring before she knows it. 
 She is going to be wonderful and all the women in these photos and more that aren’t shown are waiting in the wings to offer their support, encouragement and prayers as she steps into this role she was made for.
I love you my dear sister.
Can’t wait to meet your baby!!!

Three more weeks!