“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

No, I am not going to do anything tacky like let you name my little one. but let’s make this fun!
Since, Joel and I have a standing rule that we tell NO ONE our baby names I thought, since the big day could be any second within the next ten days, that it would be fun to have a contest.
The goal? To guess, or come the closest to guessing what we will be naming our baby. As you may have noticed in posts we always refer to our babies in belly as “P.R.” Aidan was just P.R., Amélie was P.R. le Deuxieme and this one…obviously, “Le Troiseme”
P- standing for Petit(e) and R standing for our last name. But…will this little ones name really be????
So, this will not be a drawing but a bonified challenge.
Every few days (if gestation allows 🙂 I will give a clue for the boy and girl choice we have selected – both first and middle name. They will start out, well, not very helpful and become easier as I get closer to my due date (I say the 18th, midwife says the 19th). All previous clues will be posted on future posts.
We do love both our boy and girl names and we do not know what this baby is so, if it turns out, say to be a boy, I will not be reveiling what the girls name was, even if someone gets it just in case we are blessed with a girl in a couple years…and visa versa…sorry.
The winner will be announced with the announcement of the baby and here is what the winner will receive:

1. My all time favorite beauty product – Caudalie’s beauty elixer, a recipe from the 17th century queens of Hungary. I swear you’ll feel prettier after a few squirts.

2. My “new” Bain par Main Lavender Sugar Scrub. Loaded with organic almond and lavender oil…you may never need a manicure again! This scrub will be for sale in time for Valentines day in my shop but the winner will receive a small size perfect for keeping by the sink for when the dishes are done. Packaging my vary as I work out the kinks of the oil leaking!

3. A stack of reproduction blank dinner menu’s from Paris’ Marches aux Puces. Service for ten. Perfect for that Valentines Day dinner party you have been dreaming of hosting!

4. Chocolate! I mean, what says, “I love my readers” like chocolate!

All “contestants” who copy the first image in this post with a link to Parisienne Farmgirl on their sidebar for the duration of the contest will receive a special thank you treat! Just let me know in the comment box if you do.
Shameless, I know. Just love to build that reader base!

I reserve the right to add to or change the prizes. There is something else I know I wanted to include but my pregnant mush brain won’t access that memory! 🙂
Prize will arrive by Valentines Day. I have to be realistic, I won’t be running right out to ship a Giveaway days after having a baby.
In trying to cover all my bases, let’s say that, should this baby come tonight or before a couple clues have been given I will come up with some creative six degrees of separation type deal to connect the closest contestant with the babies actual name.

Here are your first clues – remember, they are going to start out pretty vague just in case this little one is well done:

Boy – Clue number one.
First: A historical reference for this name can be found on the shelves of almost any grocery store.
Middle: Womanizer.

Girl – Clue number one.
First: A historical reference for this name can be found on the shelves of almost any grocery store.
Middle: Due to my known admirations, this is not a name someone would expect me to go with.

I know, dreadfully unhelpful.
Mais bon chance.
Just submit your comment with your best guess. I will accept any spelling varieties and the first person (if any) to get it or get close will win. Remember, the winner will be announced in my first post about the baby!
Let the naming gaming begin!