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Au Marche!

To Market!

This morning was “Antiques in the Park” The third time this event has been hosted in our park across the street. I must say, aside from the May Auction the coolest, most delightful things found in the Parisienne Farmhouse have come from our little towns attempt at an outdoor antique market. Today’s biggest find? A writing desk pretty enough for Marie Antoinette.
(Click her name for a great preview!)

3 thoughts on “Au Marche!”

  1. Ok, I’m back to being jealous. What a place to write! I’m finally a published author, but I’m not happy with the look of the book…I want to be a real boy.

  2. That’s a gorgeous desk! Great find…I like the windows you were looking at too. Maybe you should come to my garage sale this next Saturday! 🙂

  3. Such a lady-like setting for penning thank you notes, birthday invitations, baby announcements and the like…you will find such pleasure out of just gazing at that desk…wanna make a trade?

    I know the thrill of the market being just around the corner…and that fall “wear a scarf” feeling in the atumnal air!!!!

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