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weeks to go I’ve got birth on the brain and find myself very excited once again.
For many of you this will be your third birth “with me”! 

I am fantastically passionate about birth and am formulating a series of posts for Parisienne Farmgirl on the subject.  My fabulous midwife has agreed to be interviewed for one part of the series!!!

I know when Juliette was born many readers mentioned a curiosity about home birth and my natural/home birth experiences so here is your chance…

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know….
Simply submit a question to myself as an expectant Mother (who has experienced both a natural hospital birth and two natural home births) 
submit your question to Debbie the Midwife 
(who has delivered over 250 babies) 
either in the comment box or, if you don’t want the world to see who’s asking (IE: a TMI kind of question) you can shoot me an email asking to remain anonymous.

We’re talking fears, tears and “transitioning” here girls – don’t hold back!  This isn’t going to be about bashing those who don’t choose natural childbirth either – just sheer enthusiasm on the subject.

I’ll be putting this together for the very near future.  
You don’t have to be considering natural or Home Birth to participate.  You can be just plain curious, you can be totally against it, you can be a concerned Gramma or Gramma to be… 

This is going to be great!  

It’s July and blogs are slow cause we are all enjoying the sunshine – I’m gonna leave this post up for a couple days!  If you are intrigued at all, please spread the word on your own blogs about the opportunity to pose questions on the subject!  

Merci in advance!!!

So there are no hurt feelings I should say I can’t ask Debbie EVERY question posed – for example, if I get 10 questions on the “baby being wrapped in the cord” I will pick the best one, (maybe two) and present it to her.  Thanks for understanding.
Image:  Google Images “Home Birth”