style="text-align: center;">I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with my haircuts.
If you’ve read for awhile you know they are an extravagance for me.
Read: Trés cher.
Read: TOTALLY worth it.
You’ve got to have someone as genius and talented as Andrés to keep up
 with this mop of mine.
Today I took Amélie with me.
Mais bien sur… she was a hit.  
Stylists fawning over her left and right and left again.
They gave her the royal treatment as if she was a paying customer.
Relaxing neck wrap.
Shampoo with herbal scalp massage.
Hand massage.
Blow dry and styling.
She is such a girly, girly… she was loving every minute of it.
(BTW, if you ever treat yourself to a cut here, these treats are S.O.P!)
Thank you so much to the team at Asha Salon Spa Woodfield.  
I recommend you to everyone within a hundred miles.  
Always have and after today, always will!
You made our “Momma Date” outing very memorable for a little girl and her prego Mom…
and Andrés, despite my sad, silly self portraits – this hair style is INCREDIBLE!
I went from feeling like a dumpy, suburban, garden Momma to Me-Ow!  Hot Momma.
Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch when you are resigned to maternity clothes but
Merci Encore!  I feel great!
See you before the baby’s born!