Asha Salon Spa Woodfield… Cure d’Amélie

Jun 3, 2011 | Beauty and Style, Fashion | 13 comments

I am TERRIBLE about keeping up with my haircuts.
If you’ve read for awhile you know they are an extravagance for me.
Read: Trés cher.
Read: TOTALLY worth it.
You’ve got to have someone as genius and talented as Andrés to keep up
 with this mop of mine.
Today I took Amélie with me.
Mais bien sur… she was a hit.  
Stylists fawning over her left and right and left again.
They gave her the royal treatment as if she was a paying customer.
Relaxing neck wrap.
Shampoo with herbal scalp massage.
Hand massage.
Blow dry and styling.
She is such a girly, girly… she was loving every minute of it.
(BTW, if you ever treat yourself to a cut here, these treats are S.O.P!)
Thank you so much to the team at Asha Salon Spa Woodfield.  
I recommend you to everyone within a hundred miles.  
Always have and after today, always will!
You made our “Momma Date” outing very memorable for a little girl and her prego Mom…
and Andrés, despite my sad, silly self portraits – this hair style is INCREDIBLE!
I went from feeling like a dumpy, suburban, garden Momma to Me-Ow!  Hot Momma.
Ok, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch when you are resigned to maternity clothes but
Merci Encore!  I feel great!
See you before the baby’s born!


  1. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese

    LOVE your new haircut! Vavoom! I love how it feels to walk out of the salon with exactly what you wanted and needed. Sounds like a fantastic salon. And Amelie is too cute.

  2. Tamra

    Great cut! You look like a cover girl….oh wait, you ARE a cover girl!! lol

  3. Splenderosa

    Angela, you are BEAUTIFUL! Love the hair. And, your little daughter is the sweetest perfection. How can you do all that you do with 3 little ones and another almost here? I’m amazed.

  4. cityfarmer

    amazing amazing amazing

    next time can we make it a threesome… I haven’t had that “feeling” since Mesusi’s … ala Vince

    See ya Sunday

  5. Stephanie

    You have beautiful hair and your skin is glowing! Love Amelie’s wristlet clutch too 🙂

  6. claudia b

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!! tres chic!

  7. Priscilla

    I turned around to tell my daughter to look at your blog, this morning, and she was just opening her mouth to say, look at your blog! We were both delighted. Love both your new do and your adorable daughter’s attitude. My daughter said how nice to see that she knows she is cute, but is not at all conceited.
    She has also been a teacher and delights in well bred children.
    Keep up the good work, mom.

  8. à la parisienne

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who waits forever to get a haircut. I have let my hair grow and grow and grow over the past year because I refuse to have another local beautician give me a haircut that looks like a countryfied beauty shop wack job. I’d much rather wait once or twice a year, drive to the “big” city and have a real stylist “have at it.”
    I still haven’t had Amelia’s hair cut, but she would LOVE the primping and attention at a salon (She’s also a serious girly-girl.) I’ll have to make sure she’s right beside me next time.

    Ta nouvelle coupe est belle!


  9. Ms. Bake-it

    What a fabulous Momma Date you and your precious daughter had! Love your new cut! I need to break down and get my hair cut too. I am so bad about that particular treat. I have not had a trim or restyle since I donated 13 inches of my hair last October! Yeah, I would say I am long overdue!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  10. Parisienne Farmgirl

    I don’t blame you for not cutting her hair – I have NEVER cut LeeLee’s – they just gave her the fun treats since she was at my side.
    I totally know what you mean about letting someone at your hair who is not “from the big city” – it terrifies me! I have really really thick hair and I have heard stylist shudder with being overwhelmed when they stand behind me – I want to say “I can hear you! And you are not giving me much confidence that this is going to go well!” It never does –
    Thus Andres and his $100 cuts~!

  11. Kalee

    What a fun, fun day! And how awesome those people were to indulge Miss Amelie!

  12. Heather B

    O.M.G. I don’t think I can take too many more pictures of that little ball of squeeziness. She warms my heart and makes me squeal each and every time I see her little smile and sparkly blue eyes. And those arms. And that purse! Heaven help me, I can’t hardly stand it.


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