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To Every Season

I didn't know it was raining. I woke up at 5 a.m., made an Americano, returned a few emails, and got dressed to go out for my big morning walk. It's pitch black at this time, so I attend for a few things to avoid making the entire trek in the dark. We have a new pack...

Home Decorating Questions Answered

Writer's block. I've got it. Right here. Right now. Starting at this screen wondering what to say. Do I confess how keeping up with social media is literally impossible? I mean, I can answer a few comments and direct messages here and there, but I could spend all day...

Fancy Nancy Strikes Again

Bon Vendredi to you! That's fancy for "Happy Friday." Remember the Fancy Nancy children's books series? I always thought it was adorable how she would speak French and then say, "That's fancy for..." Let me tell you; sometimes French doesn't feel that fancy. I'm...