On Wearing an Apron: Homemade Starch Fais de Beauz Rêves

I love aprons. I love the mess of them hanging on my laundry room door.

On Wearing an Apron: Homemade Starch Fais de Beauz Rêves

(Hello! – I love the stencil on my laundry room door.)

I love buying them, old, stiff and starched to the nines, I love making my own starch and pressing mine, patiently with a fire-hot iron, I love the motherly feeling they give me when I wear them.

And I love when my little ones ask to wear one too.

I don’t know when I fell in love with aprons. Probably right about the time I started to bake bread and realized wiping my flour-covered hands on dark denim jeans was a no-go.

The obsession really started for me one afternoon at my friend’s resale shop when I scored a whole pile of them. Since then I have been known to rummage thru stacks of linens in the forgotten corners of antique stores or the cardboard boxes that line a driveway during a garage sale… searching for the perfect apron to add to my collection.

Vintage Aprons

Vintage Aprons / Homemade Starch

My mom says that my Great Gramma always had an apron on, with seeds in the pocket. I can see how that would happen. Don’t let mine fall to the floor for seeds spill out just about every time.

There is simply something about them. Something that says to me, “Momma is here. She is here to serve, here to take care of you.” or “Momma means business, she’s got her apron on.” They are so feminine and so homey. I’m pretty short-waisted so they are not that flattering but dang, they sure are cute.

Vintage Aprons / Homemade Starch

If you come over and I am in the kitchen, chances are you’ll find me with an apron on. If I invite you over to cook or bake with me, I’ll most likely offer you one.

vintage aprons

And then, there is the ceremony of removing the apron to sit down and finally dine.

I love that.

Vintage Aprons / Homemade Starch


Do you wear aprons? Do you have memories of your Momma or Grandma wearing aprons?

Were they starched? (Can you tell I am obsessed with starch???)

Here is my starch recipe.

I make it up in a ball jar and shake it up and pour it into a spray bottle before use.

1 quart distilled water

Three HEAPING tablespoons of cornstarch (I like a heavy starch!)

The essential oil of your choice… as many drops as you like. For a lovely nights sleep may I suggest line drying your sheets and then pressing them with homemade starch made with Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Sandalwood or a grounding or calming blend.

(You’ll notice I can’t show you which brand of Essential Oils I endorse. It’s an FDA thing. But feel free to contact me and they can change your life like they’ve changed mine:)  Any of those scents would be lovely on your aprons or tea towels too.

Vintage Aprons / Homemade Starch

Shake it well before transferring it to your spray bottle. If you have leftovers after ironing pour it back into the ball jar and clean your spray nozzle to prevent it from being clogged with the cornstarch.  This happens to me when I use lots of cornstarch.

It’s wonderful for aprons, old and new…and you haven’t lived til you’ve ironed and starched your sheets with it. Oh my gosh… like go wash your sheets NOW and break out that ironing board!  Make your great gramma proud!

Thanks for reading. Amitiés!!! Angela Parisienne Farmgirl