So, I have spoken to quite a few people on the phone since the big “Ah-may-lee” post and when I asked, “Did I go too far?” Their answer was “It had to be done.”
In other words – perhaps I went too far.
And like my sister says, “If someone says you look like you’ve gained ten pounds you’ve probably gained 15.”
In other words- Perhaps my tone was nastier then I thought it was.

So, to everyone who loves my little girl: ESPECIALLY her Gramma, Great Aunt’s and Great Gramma if I made you think that perhaps YOU were the one pronouncing her name wrong or if I hurt your feelings in any way I am very sorry for that.
I was just trying to be “Ang” about it and while some may get the tone of my voice in print (Life in the Burbs) I know others may not.
I was in a way joking around and giggling while I wrote it but at the same time had the thought that perhaps I would hurt some feelings. I should have leaned into the latter.
Love, Ang