The Apology

Apr 24, 2008 | Uncategorized | 4 comments

So, I have spoken to quite a few people on the phone since the big “Ah-may-lee” post and when I asked, “Did I go too far?” Their answer was “It had to be done.”
In other words – perhaps I went too far.
And like my sister says, “If someone says you look like you’ve gained ten pounds you’ve probably gained 15.”
In other words- Perhaps my tone was nastier then I thought it was.

So, to everyone who loves my little girl: ESPECIALLY her Gramma, Great Aunt’s and Great Gramma if I made you think that perhaps YOU were the one pronouncing her name wrong or if I hurt your feelings in any way I am very sorry for that.
I was just trying to be “Ang” about it and while some may get the tone of my voice in print (Life in the Burbs) I know others may not.
I was in a way joking around and giggling while I wrote it but at the same time had the thought that perhaps I would hurt some feelings. I should have leaned into the latter.
Love, Ang


  1. cityfarmer

    Well said!

    You truly do wear your heart on your sleeve….you are loved!

  2. cityfarmer

    Oh and can’t wait to schmooze the two tomorrow!

  3. Julee Ann

    Here’s where I take offense.
    1. If anyone ever says, “You look like you’ve gained weight!” To anybody.
    2. When people say to my kids and husband, “You’re so skinny.”
    3. If you would have named her Diana Frances.
    4. That there was noLaugh Your Arse Off post this past Thursday.


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