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Anybody for a Picnik???

Say it ain’t so.
For those of us to lazy to open up Photoshop 
(Um, that would be me… I am SO put out by the 15 seconds it takes to load :).
For those of us who loved those easy, crazy edits like “Cross Process.”
For those of us who LOVE hard to come by fonts like “Pepe”.
For those of us who just re-did their header using all “Polaroid” frames – ahem.
I know, I know… there’s Picassa and Google + something or other… 
(I swear, is Google becoming the freekin’ AntiChrist or WHAT???  They are starting to scare me!)  
I don’t WANT to learn another online editing program.  
I like Picnik!

“I don’t want FOP  &?%^$*!  
I’m a Dapper Dan man!”

I don’t want to wait 15 seconds for Photoshop to load.  
I don’t have 15 extra seconds to hit the loo.
Well, I am crying – 
are you?
Say it ain’t so Picnik.
We will miss you.

This just about kills me every time.  It never gets old.
Sorry for the cursing.

22 thoughts on “Anybody for a Picnik???”

  1. I am so NOT happy about this whole Picnik thing…. I actually just started using Picnik last month and LOVE LOVE LOVE the EASE and straight forwardness of it…. And NOW I just find out I can do POLAROID with it…Now I am even MORE Sad over the LOSS of it… I have Photo Elements and haven’t even taken it out of the Box because it just seems so Overwhelming…. Kind of like the GOOGLE take over..

  2. I know, really? I was so upset when I got the email that Picnik was ending. I have photoshop, but hate using it. Picnik was so awesome with all those funky special effects. I even won three ribbons at the county fair with photos I edited in Picnik. What shall we do now?

  3. Oh man…it’s tragical. I have Photoshop on my computer (thanks to a gift from a friend)..However, I use Picnik more often because it’s simple to use. When I read that, I was totally bummed. yeah, somehow Picnik is now tied to Google +…and I am not going to join Google + just to use Picnik.

    Oh, I just died with laughter at the “I”m a Dapper Dan man” clip. That was one of my favorite from the movie!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  4. uh-oh, we have been dependent on this in my high school yearbook class to make the pictures look very professional…there are too many limitations with what we have available in photo shop on our computers at school…when is it no more?

  5. I know. It was a break-into-a-cold-sweat and a full-blown 10 minute panic attack for me. That terrible day I fixed my morning coffee, camera in hand, uploading photos, and finally, with a smile on my face and a spring in my step – clicked on my beloved Picnik and saw it.

    At first, I thought I was seeing things, so I hit the “refresh” button. It was early in the morning, after all. And then, it hit me. No more Picnik. They say on the front page of the site “The Ants have Invaded”….What does that mean? What Ants? Where are these Ants coming from?

    Why did the Ants invade? Do they not have Ant Spray? Do they not think the millions of people who use Picnik would gladly donate a bottle of Ant Spray if it means keeping Picnik up and running? We would!

    Damn Ants. I am thankful I have Photoshop, but Picnik… – Picnik was my “go-to” girl for editing half of my photos.

    Did Google buy Picnik or something? I mean, surely they didn’t just do a sell-out on us. It’s rather like the classic “pulling the rug out from under our feet” trick, yes?

  6. Oh my gosh, Angela….do you LOVE “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” as much as I do??? I swear, we quote that movie constantly at my house.

    I am by no means a PS expert, but I have managed to master a few key PS Elements edits. I have faith that you can, too!


  7. i haven’t learned all the neat things that can be done to create special designs….it’ll have to be for another time/year, but i sure like how they look.

    Shucks…..still learnin’!

    I enjoy visiting your blog.
    O brother where art thou is one of my fav movies. Liked it so much when it came out, had to go back and watch again then own a copy.
    Still laugh through out it.

    Have a sweet day!
    God bless,

  8. I have no idea what Picknik is but “O Brother…” is one of my all time favorite movies. So basically any post with an “O Brother” quote is fine by me. Sorry about the Picknik though…

  9. I’ll bet so many people will flock to their site to use the free premium that they’ll change their minds and stay on….money talks, right? A girl can hope….stranger things have happened….remember all the almost cancelled TV shows?

  10. I hate, hate, hate Photoshop! For the life of me, I can’t figure it out. I had Correll for a couple of years but never got beyond the basics. Picnik solved all of my photo problems! Sad to see it go!


  11. Hee hee hee hee hee!!! That clip made me giggle so very much! I too was upset about Picnic closing. I asked a techie at an iPhone store about it and he said that Google is just doing some “streamlining” and that there will be something else coming. Everybody cross your fingers! I just wish that Google wouldn’t leave us in the dark. Ask around. Some people out there are in the know about what is happening and… Thanks for your post. It is the first that I’ve seen on the dilema and thanks especially for a great laugh!

  12. I never tried Picnik but understand your not wanting to learn something new. I have photoshop, and have yet to learn to use it. I use Picassa and it is easy peasy and I like it! You should try it, I think it will be an easy transition.

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