Say it ain’t so.
For those of us to lazy to open up Photoshop 
(Um, that would be me… I am SO put out by the 15 seconds it takes to load :).
For those of us who loved those easy, crazy edits like “Cross Process.”
For those of us who LOVE hard to come by fonts like “Pepe”.
For those of us who just re-did their header using all “Polaroid” frames – ahem.
I know, I know… there’s Picassa and Google + something or other… 
(I swear, is Google becoming the freekin’ AntiChrist or WHAT???  They are starting to scare me!)  
I don’t WANT to learn another online editing program.  
I like Picnik!

“I don’t want FOP  &?%^$*!  
I’m a Dapper Dan man!”

I don’t want to wait 15 seconds for Photoshop to load.  
I don’t have 15 extra seconds to hit the loo.
Well, I am crying – 
are you?
Say it ain’t so Picnik.
We will miss you.

This just about kills me every time.  It never gets old.
Sorry for the cursing.