Another Hot Date –

Oct 7, 2008 | Uncategorized | 11 comments

Here we go again – another night of someone who talks great but says nothing and of someone who struggles to get out an inspiring tone but who has tons to say…

If you weren’t convinced, perhaps NOW, finally you are – after “Born Alive” acts, Tony Resco and now (if you didn’t know this months ago) the Weather Underground buddy list…Barack Obama is a twit and a careerist!  He lands one job to get the next  – I mean come on – who writes their memoirs after college???  The man is a legend in his own mind.
I’ll say it again – I don’t love McCain but I swear I’ll slap one of those stupid, “Not MY President” bumper stickers on my car if B.O. wins.
A few more things to consider in these last few weeks – There are possibly FOUR Supreme Court seats that are going to open up during this next term.  If you don’t want tax payer funded abortions all 9 months of pregnancy, if you don’t want a constitutional amendment for same sex marriage, if you do like the Pledge of Allegiance the way it is (IE, “One nation, under GOD…”) the list goes on and on – you get the picture.
From socialized day care and medicine, the Fairness Doctrine to egomaniac Appellate Court Judges it’s going to be VERY difficult if not impossible to undo Barack’s vision if he get’s elected. 
“Change” leads to Socialism and McCain keeps Obama out of the White House.


  1. Joannah

    You are so right!!! McCain really needs to get it together. I don’t want to think what this country will become under the dubious leadership of BHS.

    Heaven help us…

  2. HomemakerAng

    you have been on that hot date for some time now!

  3. Ksam

    Hold on, I’m confused – you seem quite happy to live in France, a socialized country, where abortion is legal (and funded by the state), where homosexuals can get ‘married’ via le PACS, where there is a strict separation between church and state, etc and you take full advantage of all it offers. Yet you’re against everything the country stands for. How does that work?

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Ksam – Thanks for stopping by (as most of my readers are people I know)
    I don’t live in France though. And if I did I still would not agree with a Socialist government if for no other reason than I think it encourages an attitude of entitlement and in some cases laziness.
    My love of France and French culture is a love of their “joie de vivre” (oh how cliché to I sound NOW!??) , their love of food, time around the table, in the garden, a respect for things modern and old, their music, history, etc. Oh! And the language!!!
    Now, I know that a socialist mentality/government contributes to some of those things (IE: perhaps more down time to appreciate life that we living in America have?) but I do strongly disagree with the rejection of God that reared it’s head with such force during their Revolution and is so evident in the culture today.
    It’s not just me the “conservative American” either, I have many French friends living in France that are frustrated with the system though they “benefit” from all it offers. They complain of sharing a priest with multiple villages, they complain of strikes and the “entitlement syndrome” that can affect day to day life, they complain of the trend to stay single, not get married and have only one or no children and the effects that this will have on the French culture in the long run…
    Thank you again for commenting! Would love to check out your private blog!

  5. Ksam

    Ah, okay, that makes more sense! And if you send me an email, I’d be happy to send you the link to my new blog (can’t seem to find your email anywhere on your site).

  6. Homemakerang

    you know where i stand on this lesser of two evils thingy but I will say mccain did ok in the debate. not great but ok… obama, another story. they both have so far to come yet! UGH! aren’t you dissappointed that this is the best the repub. party and dems for that matter, can do for you????

    i have my baldwin sign displayed humbly in front of the farm 🙂 he will never win, i will give you that, but i cant be a party to all of these other compromises in my spiritual walk…

  7. Victoria

    Yo, don’t freak out- my birthday is the 8th, not the 7th. Talk soon (I’m busy too…bleh).

  8. Homemakerang

    here is a good one:

    Riddle for the Day

    Question: What do you call two muggers arguing over who can rob their victim with the greatest amount of civility and good intentions?

    Answer: A Presidential Debate


  9. Faith

    I know this is beside the point but you look frickin’ hot in that family photo of the four of you. Go girl!!!

  10. Homemakerang

    i havent heard from you and you are not posting as much… hope my political rhetoric hasnt got you down or worse yet ticked! 🙂


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