Here we go again – another night of someone who talks great but says nothing and of someone who struggles to get out an inspiring tone but who has tons to say…

If you weren’t convinced, perhaps NOW, finally you are – after “Born Alive” acts, Tony Resco and now (if you didn’t know this months ago) the Weather Underground buddy list…Barack Obama is a twit and a careerist!  He lands one job to get the next  – I mean come on – who writes their memoirs after college???  The man is a legend in his own mind.
I’ll say it again – I don’t love McCain but I swear I’ll slap one of those stupid, “Not MY President” bumper stickers on my car if B.O. wins.
A few more things to consider in these last few weeks – There are possibly FOUR Supreme Court seats that are going to open up during this next term.  If you don’t want tax payer funded abortions all 9 months of pregnancy, if you don’t want a constitutional amendment for same sex marriage, if you do like the Pledge of Allegiance the way it is (IE, “One nation, under GOD…”) the list goes on and on – you get the picture.
From socialized day care and medicine, the Fairness Doctrine to egomaniac Appellate Court Judges it’s going to be VERY difficult if not impossible to undo Barack’s vision if he get’s elected. 
“Change” leads to Socialism and McCain keeps Obama out of the White House.