Sigh. Hello and goodbye, farm.








We’ve been FISBO for a couple months with nary a hint of interest in our house.
So next Saturday a Realtor is coming to look at our house.
Like tons of America we are praying that we can get a good enough value of our home to pay capitol gains, the realtor and have a LITTLE bit left over for a down payment.

Double Sigh.
Triple Pray.

These photos are of a farm that I coveted for well over a year.
18 acres and dirt cheep. Alas, not cheap enough when your house hasn’t sold yet.
You may see a dump. I see a new palatte in which to express my creativity, I see a stream (“And a river runs through it”), I see rolling lands, trees, and places to walk on Sunday afternoon.


I visited the website where I found this the other day and it was gone.
But the photos had been saved on my Mac a long time ago and I simply had to share them with you.