Another Day Closer to Jesus

Jan 1, 2006 | On Motherhood, Spiritual | 5 comments

Ok, now I am mad…don’t tell Don (or else he will think that his silly PC’s are better than my Mac) but this crazy computer just tanked on me after I had finished an ENTIRE blog about this past year… I will try again…but my pithy comments at this point may be just plain pissy…and hey MacMan…I love my Mac but WHY does it keep doing this???

In said blog I was commenting on a years worth of Pop Culture crap and so… as unplugged as I am I still absorb so much thru osmosis if nothing else (just one reason why Aidan WON’T be watching TV) and I will do my best to make fun of or remark on the following “news” and- I- use- the- term- lightly makers…

1. Rob and Amber. OK. You rock. You played the game like I would have. Now go away before people get sick of you.

2. Brittany. You sold your baby out for 5 million dollars…nice.

3. Angelina. OK so God may bless you for adopting your beautiful babies but where will you tell them their daddy came from?

4. Brad. You idiot.

5. Jennifer. You poor thing. But really, what did you think would happen? Film career or not the last time I check you have to LIVE in the SAME country 80% of the time to make a marriage work…I heard Shirley McClain was your new best friend. Great actress but be afraid be very afraid.

6. President Bush. I could take you serious maybe 40% of the time of you would wipe that condescending smirk off your face.

7. Katrina. What kind of smart ass comment could I make? None but did you know it was Bush’s fault?…give me a break.

8. Terry Shiavo…YOU could be next. I’d bet a fiver that the loss of the sanctity of life is something that lead to the downfall of Rome…Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears!

9. Saddam. Five flights of stairs? You poor thing. You should try standing in line in the streets of Kuwaiit to have your head cut off.

10. Breasts not Bombs! Really. This is crazy. What’s Breasts not Bombs you ask? Google it.

11. Christmas. Good job. You held on another year. If we all don’t make a fuss my grandkids will be celebrating Happy Snow Day or Romadon for that matter!

12. The RunAway Bride. Really? This is news? Do we give a shit?

13. Now how did I come up with 20 before this got erased…let me think…oh yeah…

14. Cinderella Man. Hello? A portrait of a time gone by. MEN being men, integrity, work ethic, wives standing by their MEN (who were MEN, did I mention that?) Quite possible the best movie of the year…running neck and neck with…

15. Crash. Oh my goodness. And I also loved…

16. Millions. Just a story about a boy who wants to honor God. And they didn’t make him out to be a moron. Fancy that.

17. Ok, an odd number it is…my eyes are blurry. Last year I was asleep by this time and this year I have a warm, little, lavendar and milky smelling person waiting for me so I will end all this…yeah, yeah it petered out. In fact I can’t even think of a way to make you laugh as I sign off. But let me share this with you… This may be the LAMEST New Years Eve I have ever had and yet…it’s the best one I have ever had.
I celebrate life, mine, yours, my darling husbands and my beatiful baby’s every day. This is just another night, this was just another year, in 15 minutes it will be just another year and I intend to make it the best ever.
Talk to you next year.


  1. julee

    My favorite movie list is 1) Millions 2) Return To Me…
    Thanks for your VERY nice friend comment. I love you too. Looking forward to our visit/paint my bedroom week-end. I’m almost finished with my 2005 obersvations. Clue: type your blogs in Apple works and save them every two or three sentances. Then cut and paste. My favorite word in this one was….pithy.

  2. cityfarmer

    To quote pastor…”did you believe for one moment that Brad and Jennifer would stay married, the thought should have never been thought” What’s a sentance?

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    A sentance Mom is something with a period at the end or even a question mark like, “What is a sentence.” Are you joking? I can’t tell.

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Crap…What is a sentance should have a question mark…I guess the joke is on me.

  5. cityfarmer

    It’s a Webster joke I started with A. Julee. I got myself in pretty deep. Check the comment button on Julee’s blogspot. Now it’s a laughing matter. I hope!!!!


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