Another 100% Authentic Labor Inducer

Nov 30, 2007 | French Farmhouse Design, On Motherhood, Random Thoughts | 3 comments

Bien – I know that I have posted 3 posts in about as many minutes but try to keep up OK? I need to laugh and I can’t imagine the “dismay” when you click on “Parisienne Farmgirl” day after day only to see the same old tired posts…


  1. N.M. Owen

    “They give me strrengmth”

    I fell on the floor at that.

  2. cityfarmer

    100 percent real paintings viewed thru 100 percent real crystals…

    c’mon MTV

    the family room????

  3. Parisienne Farmgirl

    What City Farmer?

    I don’t get it – did you think it was funny?


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