Oh my goodness…
I am so nervous.
So nervous!
What if you don’t like it…
What if you think, “big deal”?
Here we go!
You can bump it out to enlarge it.

So there you have it!
And here are the “Giveaway Fantastique” details!
I humbly ask you to help us get the word out… blogging, Facebook, Twitter… (we’ve got investors to impress!)

To enter this giveaway simply blog about the launch of this new publication! You can use my video or put it into your own words! The first 100 subscribers to the magazine will also be entered! (Don’t delay in subscribing – we are expecting this to go fast as we have some pretty popular people committed to helping us get the news out!) … feel free to use any Parisienne Farmgirl images for your post.

Silly me – I could not figure out how to post the HTML – if you want to post the video on your blog I will email the HTML to you!

Here’s what’s in the Giveaway Fantastique!
Over $200 in Parisienne Farmgirl inspired goodies!
A gorgeous rosette brooch made by Mandy at A-la-Parisienne!
This LARGE gorgeous cookbook “Romancing the Home” by Chicago favorite Susan Hawthorne – prepare to be inspired!
A bottle of 25 year old balsamic vinegar.
Fifi’s best seller Romantic Prairie Style.
A coveted copy of Jeanne d’Arc magazine from City Farmer!
Gorgeous chandelier crystal earrings – soooo very Marie Antoinette!
Organically grown spearmint leaves and two antique Royalty Souvenirs (As a closet Anglophile and collector of Royalty Souvenirs such as these, I must say… these are SUPER COOL and I am VERY jealous of whoever wins them!!!!)… from HomeMakerAng at Maple Valley Farm!
This Giveaway will end on midnight January 7, 2012. (NOW EXTENDED TO MONDAY the 9th AT MIDNIGHT! There are just a few more spaces left to enter via being one of the first one hundred subscribers… We are SO close…I thought I would give you a little more time if you are procrastinating!)
Please leave a comment and let me know if you will be doing a post and if you would like the HTML for the video.
Thank you so much! We are working hard on the first issue – it’s going to be beautiful! And it will leave you plenty inspired for Spring! Be sure to inquire if you would like to write for us or advertise with us! We’ve got tons of topics we are looking for writers for… and we are anxious to see your ideas too! Each edition is going to feature regular contributors too… I can’t wait to share these ladies with you!
This magazine is all about beauty and promoting women!
In fact,
Here’s our Mission Statement!
I know you are going to love it!
We know you are going to love it!

Thanks for your support, mes amis!


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