And the Winner is…Gram I Am…

Oct 26, 2006 | As Featured In..., Full Time Family, Random Thoughts | 6 comments

Last night we went to Target to buy Aidan a pair of new shoes (I can’t find one of his other pair!) He was so excited while I was looking at shoes that he stuck his foot up as if to say, “Put them on me Momma!” He wore them home still strung together with the tags on. First thing this morning he wanted to put them on. So proud to have shoes just like Big Daddies!


  1. Amanda

    He looks so sweet…..GO CALVIN! (Not really, but it’s a school in GR, so we’re all about home). I’m a born and bread Grand Valley Laker! Adorable and it always makes you in a good mood to post pics of your kid(s).

  2. julee

    Ya know who has been needy in my family lately? The middle one! But I think she’s gotten a job at Hallmark so that’ll take some pressure off! Melissa and Otha wear their matching Tigers shirts on game day and I thought that was so cute until I saw your pic. Also, I was in my hormonal funk again until I read Amanda’s family struggles. I want to visit you all, but not willing to go the distance. And I haven’t worked out in…well…longer than you. I agree with Gram winning your contest, but would love to hear a critique of the movie.

  3. Gramiamplusone

    Yeah, sure glad I ask for that!! What a cutie!! Those shoes will be a lasting memory. I remember buying some like that for our boys. Can’t wait to see it all in person. Love, gram

  4. cityfarmer

    Baby baby sweet baby…big boy!!!!

  5. Freygirl

    completely beautiful……it was fun buying the shoes with you….guess who???

  6. Platonicus Booknutticus

    I left you a comment and quesiton on the ‘Chandler/Joey’ blog.

    Sorry so tardy.


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