And the Winner Is…

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Congratulations “Commenter Known as Wendy!” 
 Thank you so much for reading Parisienne Farmgirl! 
 I do hope you enjoy your prizes!  They will be shipped out shortly!

Now, for the rest of you lovely ladies.  I TOTALLY know what it’s like, you check back in with a giveaway and you don’t see your name, you sigh, and you ask yourself, 
“Who actually wins these giveaway’s anyways?”
I know it’s so anticlimactic, you always think,
“Maybe this time I will win.”

Well, I’m no Pioneer Woman. 
The funds are SO not there to give away Nicons and Kitchen Aid mixers BUT 
I have been racking my brain on how I could give everyone  just a
 So this is a “real world — I can’t afford to give it away for free — but here’s a little treat runner up prize for everyone else… suppose you could just call it a “sale” but I thought it would be fun…

How’s about a little BOGO?
The comments about my soaps are always so kind and the feedback from those who have them sitting at their sink or in their shower has been phenomenal. 
 So how about spreading the sudsy love?

From now ’til Thursday (my big #28… HA!), in honor of all the runner ups, if you would like to try a “Bain par Main” Shea Butter Organic Lavender Oil & Poppyseed bar of soap you can buy one at full price ($10) and another for just 3 dollars.   (Shipping is additional… boo hoo… I know).  I would LOVE to do a real “buy one get one free” but the ingredients for these decadent bars aren’t cheap.. I hope you understand.  
However, you can do this as many times as you want so if you want a handful of bars, every second one would be $3 and so on and so on.

Example: Normally two bars are $20 plus shipping…this week two bars are $16 shipped!

That’s my way of saying thank you for all your fun comments, kind words and all the time you poor into your own blogs and commenting on everyone elses.  I wish I had more time to leave more comments, I know how much time it takes so yours are so appreciated!

Here’s a little button if your ready to lather up and congratulations WENDY!  Looks like your just a commenter so we all look forward to the day when you have your own blog!

Giveaway Special – Prices here include shipping

Have a great week everyone!  
I’ve got some fun posts coming and fun tales from our family reunion this past week hopefully up late tomorrow evening and a 
Parisienne Farmgirl MAKEOVER!!!



  1. Jennifer Rizzo

    I say your mom’s post.. Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. Stephanie

    Sweet. I’m out of your soaps right now so this is perfect!

  3. Tamra

    Congratulations Wendy!!!

  4. Bygone Sensibilities

    Just found you through a search for conservative politics. Glad to have done so!

  5. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Congratulations to WENDY! Can’t wait for the family reunion pics…your whole family are great photographers so it’s going to be good, I’m sure!

  6. BonjourRomance

    Bonjur Ange,
    Congratulations to the winner. What a great deal you are offering your blog friends.
    Bon week,
    Hope you received my email, and received everything okay!?


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