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All About Juliette

Juliette is a darling little stitch,
a firecracker
 a little lovebug…
And since I don’t Facebook, this is where my family usually catches photos of my chickens.
I’ve got a huge handful to share of my Hoolie.
She is SUCH a delight to me and even more so as she moves towards one of my FAVORITE ages – 18 months.  
Baby J
are all names she will answer to.
The “H” ones are somewhat self explanatory I think and the “P” versions are AmΓ©lie’s take on them.   She calls her “My Poolis” and that’s all she ever calls her.
Juliette is as sweet as sugar and as sassy as hot sauce.
VERY affectionate, as are all our chickens and very jealous.  She will rip at AmΓ©lie’s hair in the morning during snuggle time if LeeLee gets too close to me…
How is she gonna do with a baby in the house in just 18 weeks???
She makes little, quiet, sweet, girly sounds and then she is 
Don’t even bother to ring my phone 20 minutes before any meal because she never lets me forget that I don’t get the food on fast enough for her.
She eats more than I do.
I wish I was kidding.

Half the time she looks like a little fashion plate and the other half she looks like a little white trash baby, half naked and covered in lunch.

In the morning after snuggle time she slides off the edge of our bed and begins to bring us our clothing off the floor so that we will get up and get dressed – is that smart or WHAT!  She is only 16 months old!
She really doesn’t like a sippy cup at all but will drink a gallon of water in successive glasses if given a small canning jar.  She never, ever drops them either!

Juliette is feminine just like her sister and is already making little noises when I put on perfume or lip gloss, like, “Me too!” but as you will see…
 Girlfriend is a little scrapper!!!!
 As tough as nails and can hold her own on a pile of dirt or after being splashed in a mud puddle by a careless big brother!
She LOOOOOOVES to read and out of nowhere one day started bringing me books to read to her.  Noodging to get up on the couch and then ripping the book out of my hands to do it herself.  
She brings you her Wellies when she wants to go outside. 
 Which is always.
She loves her City Chicks and runs to the back door when you ask, “Ou sont les poules?”

For awhile there I was wondering if she would ever “sign” and now she is a little demanding maniac with:
“All done”
She’s so feisty we used to joke that there was probably only one sign she was ever going to give us – if you know what I mean:)
I am grateful though – If I had a meek, quite little daughter I probably wouldn’t know what to do with her!  HA!!!!
She will eat a pint of blueberries in one sitting.  (And “bless” me with the corresponding diaper the following morning).
She’d eat an entire pizza if I let her, and drink a beer to boot I’d guess!
We laugh at (and with) her all the time.
I bet you will too…

Momma Loves You Hoolie!

24 thoughts on “All About Juliette”

  1. Oh my goodness, what a cute little firecracker. That first picture…methinks it needs a caption – I need the back story! So funny.

    I swear my little Britt has given me more trouble so far (at 14 mos!) than both Beck and Evie combined. He’s eaten more dirt in his short little life than is healthy for one person to consume. Looks like oreos all over his little mouth.

    I just wrote a post about the little stinker…”My Child, The Hitter.” Yep, he’s That Baby in the nursery that you hope your baby steers clear of.
    Oh boy…

    I love when you post about your chickens. πŸ™‚ Too cute.

    Ashley @ She’s Star-Crossed

  2. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – you have been blessed with such beautiful and charming children. I love hearing about their personalities and accomplishments. Thank you for sharing them with us. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh tha sweetest post i ever seen !! she is so so so sweet girl……i am in love now…..happy weekend……..enjoy have fun !!…xxx

  4. she is precious! we need some preggo pics! the ones of her smiling are too cute…and my babies never drank from sippies, canning jars all the way!

  5. Goodness Angela, all your babies are such sweet sweet precious joys…what a gift. kisses and hugs all around and thank you for sharing.

  6. She is so adorable! What a fun little girl! πŸ˜€

    I have been in childcare (daycare then nannying) for four years now, and I used to teach simple ASL to babies, but found that due to the ASL, most of them were behind in their speech even though I used verbal words at the same time. I have since stopped using signing when teaching babies to speak, but I am just curious, how do your children grow into speech with the sign-language? Do they seem to pick up both, or just do one then the other?

    I always like to know these things, and it is interesting to hear someone else’s perspective and success stories! πŸ™‚

    ~Just a Girl

  7. Oh my goodness!!! I miss mine being that young. She reminds me of my third child, Gracie. I love all her nicknames..Hoolie…so cute! Your children are all beauties and I love their names. My last baby I miscarried, her name is Rose Juliet. Congrats on the Where Women Cook cover…so so cute!!!!

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