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Jan 21, 2006 | Spiritual | 0 comments

Think eternal. Think eternal. I just keep reminding myself…because all I want to do is STRING UP the American Media!!! This small tirade shall be focused on the press…
Sometimes…now don’t everybody freak out…I think “freedom of the press” should be reconsidered. I know, I know, that is a really loaded statement and I am sure in a heartbeat you all could back me into a corner. Forget dwelling on it too much – if you have to, consider it an emotional statement.

Here goes.

Bin Laden is a moron. He dresses in a sheet, has to wear a gun and hides in caves. He puts out another one of his “Arabs Gone Wild” videos and the media goes berserk! This morning at Panera I glanced over to the pile of newsprint and the front pages screamed “BIN LADAN’S NEW VIDEO!” Ok, wait a minute. They are playing his game. Do the media hate America as much as the conservatives say they do?

Why in the world anyone give a rats ass what this guy says? Why are we giving him the coverage that he is seeking??? His stupid little home or should I say “cave movie” should be on page 11b in small print right next to the story about the dumb ass that chopped of his own finger, put it in a bowl of Wendy’s chili and tried to make millions. I though maybe we should have a “Morons” section of our newspapers but even that would give them too much spotlight.
I think the majority of the media should have to go live in a musty cave. They are absolutely, completely irresponsible.

Consider the school shootings…HELLO? How many times did you have to see that clip of children running pell mell away from sad, angry, gun wielding classmates? How many sad, angry, classmates across the country made a mental note to open dad’s sock drawer the next time someone made fun of him at school? Don’t you think – odds are that we would have had a FEW less school shootings in the last 10 years if the media would not made such a freakin’ glorification of them?

Bin Laden spoke as if he was reading from Democrats for Dummies. Trust me. This guy is paying attention. He is reading our newspapers and watching CNN. As stupid as he is he knows what’s up, he knows what to say because the media give him all the right buzz words. The point? To scare you into believing he has a ton of power and tomorrow my show up on YOUR front door. Take him off the air; take him off the cover of Time, and USA Today. Stop giving this 150 fifty-thread count dressed prima donna the coverage he is seeking and he won’t seem so scary.

But they wont. They will keep on glamorizing him and a bunch of other crap that doesn’t matter.

It is, as I always say, “The Dumbing Down of America.” They don’t show “real” news. They don’t announce to the ever-ignorant American public that “House Bill such and such is going to be passed tomorrow at noon so call your rep and make a difference.” Instead, what are we subjected to? The Runaway Bride, Aruba, Stupid Teens that Go to Iraq for Christmas Ramadan Break and Seven Year Old’s Joy-Riding in their Parent’s Car.

If the “media” had covered something worthwhile a few years ago for example, you would have been told about “House Bill such and such” that allows porn to be viewed on public library computers thus attracting pedophiles and creeps alike to hang out where our children do. But, if they told you about THAT – it might lead to a filter on the library computers thus leading to a LACK of “freedom of press and now my argument has come full circle.

You can’t trust them. Even Fox News, supposedly the holy of holies to conservatives…HELLO… a very large portion of Fox News is owned by a Saudi Prince. Do you think Richard Murdock wants you to know that? I’m sorry. But the spin stops HERE.

Pay attention. Do your research. Ignore Bin Laden. If fact, ignore most of them. It’s all-worse then they say it is so think eternal.


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