Aidez-Moi!!! (Help Me!)

So, Yesterday I decided to “look cool” and become a “dot com”.
Now you can find Parisienne Farmgirl at
Next thing you know I will be getting my own “app.”
But, in the transition I lost my blog roll… all of your wonderful blogs that though I rarely have time to comment on that I love to read.
I am a follower of many blogs but many times if I like a blog I will just add it to my sidebar and now…poof…you’re all gone.
So now I beg. Will ALL of you comment today so I can remember who everyone is and put you back on my reading list?
A simple “Yo!” will suffice.
You can even give me the names of a few you think I will like cause I don’t even know how to begin to remake this list otherwise!

29 thoughts on “Aidez-Moi!!! (Help Me!)”

  1. Bummer… but I know I was incredibly honored recently to notice that you were following my blog… wow, what a task at hand, but I’m sure the rest will check in with you soon. So, “Yo”!

  2. I bought my domain name soon after I started my blog as I didn’t want someone to take the name I had thought up! Parisienne farmgirl is an awesome name for a blog (which I love to read)and would make a great name for a shop or website and now it is all yours. Now you are a dot com watch out you may get people from other countries wanting to order the gorgeous furniture from your house.I had an email inquiry in broken English from someone wanting my wrought iron towel rail shipped out to them!

  3. i popped over because you left a comment on my blog and said you sold mararons…..
    do you have a link somewhere that i can find them?

  4. Hi, have you tried looking into your computer history for the past two weeks at least, the sites you have visited should be there.

    Glad you got the email from England with Marie-Antoinette.

    Bonne journée.

  5. I am honored to be corresponding with a .com!
    Keep up those projects time’s a movin’!!!!
    Give those kiddles a big squish for me!

  6. Hello, I love your blog!
    I came over from Jonis blog to leave a comment!
    You had commented that your lilacs do not do very well….I feed mine lime in the spring and they love it.
    They reward me with lots of blooms!


  7. Love your blog! Love what you are doing at the farmhouse~ Thank you for stopping in at the blog. I loved to hear about your little man. Ours do seem much so much alike. Blessings Catherine

  8. Hello? Hello? I was not on your blog roll, I don’t always comment but I frequently stop by. I know I am late as I have been off the blog radar a while but I do love your blog and remember a few blogs I started reading from yours: Castles crowns and cottages (, Girl meets Paris (, Tongue in Cheek ( and I recommend; A Tale of two Cities(, and A Year of Change (expat living in Paris)(…I would love it if you stopped by my blog but it is not as French centric as it used to be. Just a here and there kind of thing. Bonne chance and I loved the story of y’all’s out of Paris wine adventures. Awesome pictures!

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