AidanMania!!! This One’s for Mamie and Gramma!

Mar 19, 2007 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

Teething – so a special movie treat – CARS.
Sanding Daddy’s patches at work.
Mon petit ange
His stance here reminds me of me at that age.
Even with food on his face – heart melting!
Viva Las Vegas!
Workin’ out like Momma.
Precious hands.
“Garage sale season is almost here Momma! Yippie!”
Aidan loves the snow – I think he is the only one that misses it. As it was melting he would point out the window and say, “Uh oh!”

He loves to make a mess!
And he LOVES to clean it up!
Making Valentines Day Cupcakes for his friends!

After he is in bed for thirty minutes I miss him…these are just a “few” (visual) reasons why!


  1. cityfarmer

    How can I can any work done now?

    So fun having him at grammas the other night…he’s such a good boy…and I’m not just partical…xoxoxoxoxoxxooxo

  2. paris parfait

    He is too precious for words! Wonderful photos.

  3. gng10to7plus1

    That little guy is so special and can’t wait to see him again. I can see how he has grown this winter. Those are really good pictures and I can see why you miss him when he is napping.

    Does he understand when you say you are going to the farm?? We have baby kitties. I week old. Gram

  4. Parisienne Farmgirl

    HE is going to FREAK about the kitties – He LOVES cats – yikes!

  5. hellomelissa

    he is precious, and i’m with you on missing them when they go to bed. i waited and waited until they went to school, and now i miss them & volunteer at school to be back with them. sigh.

  6. Shabby Miss Jenn

    OMG your child is gorgeous! You totally have to scrap your pictures and get your pages published! 🙂 Love your blog!!!!


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