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Nov 10, 2006 | Full Time Family | 4 comments

So, is this what happens when kids are not allowed to watch television? How happy I was, when snuggled up on the couch with a good book Aidan came by and nudged until I picked him up and placed him on his end of the sofa, covered him up and gave him his current favorite books.
How lovely to start the day with him this way, gurgling chatter and classical music instead of Blue’s Clues!

For Aidan’s view on this subject: The P.R. Post


  1. Gramiamplusone

    Precious, precious, precious. What a boy you have there and what a tremendous art of parenting you and Joel are doing. Incredible. The world needs more of you!!!!

  2. Amanda

    This is great, I love how he says, “OH NO”. Landon watched this about ten times. You think TV is bad, my 3 year old knows how to move around on my laptop. Although I must say, he learned most of that at the library on their computers.

  3. cityfarmer

    Gramma here….I just want to say that the “read to your kids phenemenon” started at our house when you three were really small…I would read a sentence and leave out the next word and you would finish the sentence…it proved to be your saviour…well read children not influenced by TV even to this day…(CMA’s don’t count)

    I am proud to have been the mama that read and read and read to her kids…you would say, “read it again” and I would…reading to your son has given your heart reason(s) to feel and love him like I love you. I love being his Gram…and I love you, you sweet little mommie.

  4. julee

    In the words of Melissa…holy ****, my great nephew is a genious. First of all, that video was 3 and 1/2 minutes of him “reading”. Do you know what the attention span of a typical 17 month old is? Secondly, he not only read it, but copied what I’m sure was your voice inflection when he would take a big breath, point to something, and then use a higher pitch when he would turn the page. Thirdly, could he be any cuter? And lastly, can you talk Jen into having kids right away? UNBELIEVABLE.


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