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Nov 22, 2008 | On Motherhood | 3 comments

Proud Mom disclaimer.  

Could I have been put on this earth simply to be Aidan and Amélie’s mother?  What an unbelievable priviledge if that is the case.  I am aglow in my love for these little munchkins today.  Each of them has their own smell and their own intensity for life.  Both full of Joie de Vivre.
Aidan rocks my world every day with his perception of things around him, his elephant like memory and his artistic abilities.  In the last 10 days he has recounted to us over 5 memories that are over 365 days old.  Specific, detail filled memories that are not based on home movies that he has seen.  It is really scary.  And he is so aware of EVERYTHING!  Change two words to a song or skip a verse – he’ll call you out.  Every day he asks if Obama is still the President – hillarious.  And when he is naughty (yesterday for example, he decided I did not need 1/4 of the keys on my laptop) he takes his punishment so incredibly well you can watch him learn life’s lessons right before your eyes.  He got a swat, a time out and was grounded from his beloved Legos for 24 hours!   He squawked at the swat in agitation but he sat in that time out chair for a good 10 minutes and when I explained that there would be no Legos he put his head down and wept tears of genuine sadness and remorse for his actions.  I swear, he might as well have pulled my heart out and stomped on it.  But never once for 24 hours did he touch his Legos even though they were out right next to all his other toys.  It was incredible.  This morning he gently asked, “Mom, may I play with Legos now?”  and trust me, it was with great joy that I said yes.
He is obsessed with helping in the kitchen and there is no meal that I prepare without him by my side smashing garlic, pushing the Cuisinart button and now he has asked to learn to chop vegetables by hand (my hand holding his hand the knife of course).  He is VERY aware of gender roles and he and Daddy do “Man Stuff” on the weekends.  The other day he became very concerned that perhaps cooking was “Ladies Stuff” and I assured him that it was not, we watched a few clips of “The Naked Chef” (NO he is not really naked!) on You Tube and he relaxed knowing he could drizzle Olive Oil and still be a man like his Daddy.  Too funny.
Amélie is our official party girl.  Go to her room after she wakes up and she is standing at the rails of her crib rocking out to the music in her head.  She is head over heals in love with her brother and has taken to wrestling with him making the most hilarious, aggressive growling sounds as she throws her arms in the air and flails her body in his direction.  Often in the mornings after Aidan asks to be excused she gets really cranky and every time I mistake it for her needing her nap early but then it dawns on me that she is mad that Aidan has left the room.  In sign language and french I ask her if she wants to go play with him and she about catipults herself out of her chair.  Last Saturday she said “ba, ba, ba” while clapping her hands (meaning “pat, pat, pat”) and yesterday morning while snuggling in bed I said, “Amélie, Bisou” (meaning “kiss”) and she leaned over and kissed me.  I cried.  Receiving that first intentional kiss from your child is such an amazing thing – never mind that she is not even officially 11 months old yet and understood to give me a kiss.  (We have never taught her “bisou”!)  They are such little sponges aren’t they??
They are just so lovely – whether writhing in a childish fit or breathing deeply in the dark of night.  My heart is so full.  At the Goodwill the other day with “One Gram” (as Aidan calls her -I am very close with my Gramma whom he dubbed “Two Grams”) there was a little boy Aidans age reeking havoc in the toy aisle.  I mean riding to and fro on a little car, smashing into carts, yelling.  Mommy was ignoring him and the irritation on all our faces.  I slowly pushed my cart by; I was afraid he was going to get hurt when this little old lady, I mean this frail little old thing that looked liked she would rather be at home under her afghan with a Sailsbury Steak T.V. dinner and 60 Minutes grabbed my arm rather violently!  Startled, I looked at her and her death grip and she said, “Your children are so well behaved!”  I muttered under my breath so as not not offend the other Mom, “I was just thinking the same thing!”  Then she said, “I just want to thank you.  I know it takes alot of work but I just want to thank you!”
While they still aren’t the best “location nappers” they are the most go with the flow kids I’ve ever met.  Yesterday was a horrible day of errands (to the Apple store to have the keys put back on) and Costco – both over 20 miles away, in the freezing cold throwing both their nap schedules out the window.    The kind of errands that make me wonder if their is a hot bath and a glass of wine waiting for me at the end of the day (there wasn’t) but darned if Amélie took a huge nap when we got home and Aidan, well, he could have been a little monster after all that but instead he offered to help me unload the groceries from the car – he would not take no for an answer.  I’m smitten.
I abhor winter but I will cherish living an even slower life than we usually do, making homemade playdo, coloring, Legos, Legos and more Legos, Blueberrys for Sal and Goodnight Moon and lot’s and lot’s of memory making with my little A’s.  Thank you Jesus for this job.


  1. Simply Dandy

    What precious children you have…I can see why your mama is such a proud grandma.

  2. Joannah

    You are very blessed indeed. And it’s wonderful that you know it.


  3. Faith

    You are such a great mom and those two are just so precious.


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