God is so good
 Bloggers are the most amazing people.
There are so many that have touched my heart over the last few years, the comments, and the even more personal emails… the ones that lead to phone conversations… the ones that lead to friendship. I am never kidding when I say I would love to meet just about any of you that are in the Chicago area for a visit.
Bloggers are hilarious.
(Most of) them are very real.
And many are very giving.
One in particular.
After my “Momma Date” post a loyal commenter emailed me the other day…
to say…
that the Kitchen-Aid 6 Quart Mixer sitting on her countertop could make it’s home on my countertop if I so desired.
A gift.
Her use for it was over for this chapter in her life, and I won’t elaborate too much but her gracious, understanding, encouraging words for me concerning my choice to be a stay-at-home Momma and all the sacrifice involved were so affirming.

Another fellow blogger called me the other day to and asked me to pray for her daughter. She, like many women, makes more than hubby, never thought she would be able to get pregnant and finally did… but now she cries in the car to and from work because she just wants to be at home with her baby. The call was very ironic because my own thoughts have been so turned towards this “Staying at Home” thing lately and how I long for it for all who want it, even just a little.
My thoughts have been towards all the possibilities available to making it work, even though it’s so hard, how God makes a way even when you think it won’t work for each spouse to take their rightful role. How God makes a way when you “allow” Him to. Towards all the unexpected blessing that occur when Momma stays home.
Unexpected blessings like the exact Kitchen Aid Mixer I was wondering if I would ever be able to purchase. I don’t often find $300-400 dollars laying around – do you???
I sobbed as I read the giving bloggers email, and I cried on the phone with her. I don’t think her generosity has really registered with me, I don’t think I can even imagine opening that box when it comes this week…
I am someone who spend hours in the kitchen each day, it brings me such joy and pleasure but there are things that would sure make the work easier and some days it does just feel like plain ol’ work… I’m thinking this Kitchen Aid Mixer is going to rock my world.
I can’t wait to make my first loaf of bread with it.
But first things first:
Aunt Ruth’s Christmas Cookies.
If you haven’t made yours yet join me towards the end of the week (I am just making the assumption it will be here by then) and I am going to share with YOU the best Christmas Cookie recipe EVER!
May God Bless you Bloggers, as you have blessed me!
May God Bless ALL the Momma’s.
May God Bless the Stay at Home Momma’s.
May He provide for them in unexpected ways as they provide for their little ones.

A bientôt!