How old are you?
Forever 29?
Forever 59?
A mon avis those are too obvious, when I joke about my age I say I am “28.” Twenty-nine is the dead giveaway… that or the grey wire-like hair sticking out of my chin that I missed that morning in the mirror.
Clean the coffee off your computer screen if you have to.
Yes, we all have them… if you don’t… you will.
Let’s just get it out of the way and let me say I would like to become Godlier and wiser as I age but that is not what this post is about.
The other day someone gave me the most wonderful compliment and I scoffed at them.
 It was rude.
 I should have accepted it graciously but I wanted to say,
“Do you know what goes into this?”
Hand frantically making open palmed circles around my face.
Morning eye cream
Evening eye cream
Face primer
Eye brow pencil – can’t live without it.
Concealer – read: tatoo concealer to cover nasty liver spots that come with pregnancy
Mascara, mascara and more mascara
You get the picture and that’s not the half of it.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE MAKEUP – in fact, I fancy myself quite the makeup artist and give me 15 minutes of you in my chair and we could have some fun. (You know how I feel about those girls at Sephora with their creepy over-made faces coming at you with a makeup brush, I promise it would not be anything like that) But, dang, the older I get… well, I realize how much work it takes to look mildly presentable and how much MONEY it takes. Holy cow! There are amazing products out there that can do wonders… whiten your teeth, grow your lashes, shrink your pores…
But I am a blue collar baby… remember, Cristale on a Coors Light budget. Sometimes I honestly freak out that this is my window to really attend to slowing the aging process and I just plain can’t afford to the way I would like to!
Again, don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with getting older. I would just like to look better at it every year! Take for instance, this photo of Drew Barrymore.
but I think she is just about or exactly my age, now I know there is a whole TEAM of people behind this photo not to mention a couture dress… but DAMN (pardon me) she looks HOT! Granted, she has not had three children, her boobs are probably in a completely different hemisphere than mine. And it looks like she had the fat sucked out from under her cheekbones… where can I get that done?
She looks AMAZING!
I suppose I am kind of weird in that pictures like this don’t depress me.
Au contraire, I have no illusions about ever looking like anyone in Hollywood, I am fully aware of all that goes into making those people look the way they do… but they inspire me. They inspire me to simply do my best, stay active, drink water, not give up on trying to keep some semblance of a figure whether I have three kids or thirteen, keep up with new makeup products and techniques…
Keep the “Parisienne” fully in tune while the “Farmgirl” continues to learn all her urban homesteading stuff she is so into right now.
And then maybe, someday when I am old and gray, can slaughter my own chicken and go for sunset rides on my horse I will look like this beauty by day… (This would of course require a French country home with an R.E.R. station nearby so I could pose for this photo on the streets of Paris)
Holy chic, talk about keeping it together!.
That’s got to be me at Ninety Nine, crabby scowl and all!!!
What’s your favorite Beauty before Age tactic?

Photo credits:
Drew – Harper’s Bazaar.
Chic “old” Lady – The Sartorialist.