Adventures in Wisconsin Part I

Nov 6, 2010 | Full Time Family | 11 comments

What a day we had on Friday!
We had planned to go last Friday but were all ill… but FINALLY we got to meet cousin/niece Sophia!  Two weeks old already!  
It was a beautiful day, the area where my brother and his wife live is just gorgeous but not as gorgeous as their baby!  What a little charmer and like a good baby, quite the nursing machine!  Like every mother I think Victoria is wondering… “Is this normal?”  What a darling.  I’ll try not to gush further but needless to say we were smitten.  My kids must have given her 100 kisses each.  I just couldn’t believe we were sitting in their living room – cousins together.   Surreal.
Just a smidge under two hours away, I imagine there will be many trips back and forth in the future.  I mean, there are 3 girls all 3 years and younger.  I hope they will be the best of friends.  And don’t dismiss Aidan – he loves the ladies… and babies, wow, he loves babies!!!
We went to the park, and I can’t to visit in warmer weather as there is a lake, farmers market and out of this world community gardens… bike paths.  It’s a lovely area to be a stay at home mom with your first baby.  Pack baby up in a cozy stroller and go enjoy it all!  What a special, memorable time in life.  We only got a tiny taste of it as it was pretty cold… but we’ve got lots of memories to make!  
I will never forget the day I held my brother’s child.
Adventures in Wisconsin 
Part II coming soon…
 In the meantime I don’t know if I can resist an Adventures in India post if you know what I mean…  


  1. Sherri

    Oh my what a beautiful baby!! Looks like everyone had such a wonderful time! Glad you were all well enough to go visiting!!

  2. Stephanie

    What a lovely baby. Cousins are the best!

  3. Amari

    Pretty pretty! Such beautiful little children, and what joy they bring! Looking at your photos of your beautiful family makes me think I need to get off of the computer and out to the backyard to play with my own little cuties. Oh, how I would love to be 24 years old so that I could have 5 or 6 more of them!!! Thanks for posting and have a great weekend!

  4. Blondie's Journal

    Isn’t Wisconsin gorgeous this time of year? We are headed to Lake Geneva in a couple of weeks for a little anniversary getaway.

    Baby Sofia is beautiful {so is mommy} and I enjoyed seeing your kids as well. So glad you had a wonderful time!


  5. Farmchick

    Very sweet to see the children together.

  6. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Bahaha….adventures in INDIA!

    Well, your adventures in Wisconsin were BETTER…much! What a little doll your niece is. What a fun time all these cousins will have in the years to come, that’s for sure!

    PS: Victoria, you look wonderful just having had a baby! Your daughter is just so sweet!

  7. Carolyne

    Oh, this is so precious…..all the ‘littles’ as cousins.
    Your Mom is so blessed (as am I) to have three grand-girlies and a boy to guard them all.
    *You* are so very blessed to have the love and closeness of your sister-by-love. You two are lovelies! Two hours may seem like far-away, but you will make the distance fly.

    I for one am looking forward to the ‘trip to India’……your humour lights up my google reader :o)
    {[hug}} Carolyne

  8. Deanna

    Sweet pics of a sweet baby!

  9. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    Oh my goodness, what sweet pics!
    That one of Amelie holding Sophia’s head, precious!!!

  10. kerrie

    Sophia was one of the names on my baby girl names list. She is a beauty. I did not realize your youngests name is Juliette `Elisabeth. I have a Grace Elisabeth. I also miscarried a Rose Juliet. So glad you had a wonderful family road trip! ox

  11. Tamra

    Your sweet little curly headed chick is so adorable!! How wonderful that your kids have cousins their age, what a wonderful thing.


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