style="text-align: center;">What a day we had on Friday!
We had planned to go last Friday but were all ill… but FINALLY we got to meet cousin/niece Sophia!  Two weeks old already!  
It was a beautiful day, the area where my brother and his wife live is just gorgeous but not as gorgeous as their baby!  What a little charmer and like a good baby, quite the nursing machine!  Like every mother I think Victoria is wondering… “Is this normal?”  What a darling.  I’ll try not to gush further but needless to say we were smitten.  My kids must have given her 100 kisses each.  I just couldn’t believe we were sitting in their living room – cousins together.   Surreal.
Just a smidge under two hours away, I imagine there will be many trips back and forth in the future.  I mean, there are 3 girls all 3 years and younger.  I hope they will be the best of friends.  And don’t dismiss Aidan – he loves the ladies… and babies, wow, he loves babies!!!
We went to the park, and I can’t to visit in warmer weather as there is a lake, farmers market and out of this world community gardens… bike paths.  It’s a lovely area to be a stay at home mom with your first baby.  Pack baby up in a cozy stroller and go enjoy it all!  What a special, memorable time in life.  We only got a tiny taste of it as it was pretty cold… but we’ve got lots of memories to make!  
I will never forget the day I held my brother’s child.
Adventures in Wisconsin 
Part II coming soon…
 In the meantime I don’t know if I can resist an Adventures in India post if you know what I mean…