A Mid-Winter’s Coop

Jan 24, 2013 | Half Way Farm, Homesteading | 26 comments

You’ve been asking…
I’ve been putting it off.
I mean, there is snow on the ground
and a blue tarp still for the roof.
 (I concede, I will probably loose the “grass roof” arguement when we resume it this spring.)
It is not really “Pinterest worthy” compared to those beautiful, perfect egg-mansions… but we love it…
(Hubby is neither skilled carpenter… or sitting around with extra money for the worlds cutest coop)
and it’s ours.
And there is no village ordinance that can take this one away!   
We used the door from our beloved “School Barn” – which was, so many years ago the front door to my Great Gramma’s farm house (no longer standing).  
The windows are all from the curb.
Two donated from Mom and one picked up my me and family one rainy morning.  They swing out – which will be so very charming come this spring.
The bench was found on the property when we moved in.
So was the milk can.
I will either find or make window boxes for the two windows.
The coop itself is big and warm.
10×10 – plenty for 25 plus birds and insulated.   
The run is even bigger and gives them a place to scratch around if we are going to be gone all day and don’t want them free rangin’ all over the place.
Ok… nuff said for now...
Here’s a few snaps-
 We have 16 gals right now.
All named after female characters of Downton Abbey – when we get our rooster this spring, of course, his name will be “Lord Grantham.”  DUGH!!!
LeeLee and I cleaned the coop out the other day and spread the crappy straw all over one quarter of the Potager – getting ready for our Back to Eden garden.

 See why I didn’t want to do this post yet?  It’s such an ugly time of year.  Got-to-love the orange extension chord keeping the gals warm at night.  The ground froze before we could dig and lay electric.
 Of course, two days later we had 50 mile an hour winds... surprisingly everything stayed in place. 

 I found some stumps around the property and dug them into the ground a bit here in the run.  I thought the girls might like something to jump up on – and it looks cute.
 Absolutely no predator tracks or problems yet – I contribute it to my sweet Farmer Boy Aidan who takes such good care, locking the gals in at dusk and this adorable little skunk decoy I found buried in the grass here on the farm.  Lichen and all.  She has a baby but I need to glue its head back on.
 We have 5 of these Barred Rock beauties.  I call them my Chanel birds.  8 Aracaunas and 3 Golden Buffs.

 Inside we used simple closet brackets and branches from a pine tree next to the house.  I love the natural branch look.  I could do without the spray-poop look on the walls though.

The nesting boxes we made with scraps from the project.  This one was broken along the bottom but has since been fixed.
Can’t wait for spring… flowers in window boxes, a real roof and lots of EGGS!!
Hope you enjoyed! 
           Now – go get you some girls!!!          


  1. Christi

    Love it Angela – and here’s to hoping you win the green roof debate! I know that it will be adorable & can’t wait to see it & the potager in the Spring! Xo

  2. the wild magnolia

    I for one do love the charming chicken “coop” and the ladies.

  3. debbie h.

    Oh I think it looks just lovely!!!! Your chickies look so happy:) I know you are thrilled to have your girls, they are just so much fun. We have 17 girls and one rooster. We have some snow here now,(I’m in Virginia) and my girls aren’t real thrilled about walking on the snow and my rooster hates it. Can’t wait to see the finished coop and I do think your door is just beautiful:) You seem so happy with all of your dreams coming true and your sweet little bundle growing in your belly. So happy to see great things happeing to great people. God Is Great!!!

  4. janet

    It is great..This spring will bring a lot of projects for sure..My husband and son-in-law just did this exact thing last spring..There is nothing like fresh eggs..Have a wonderful day..

  5. Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder

    Looks real cozy and your chicken will be very happy in there! Stay cozy during winter and enjoy each day.

  6. Bonnie

    Very interesting. I look forward to more.

  7. Noël McNeil

    It looks great! I”m gettin’ some chicks in a few weeks. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  8. Dana

    The coop is charming!

  9. Flat Creek Farm

    Very nice! And a lovely flock you have too. We are also currently sporting the orange cord look. Too cold for mah babies! cluck-cluck! -Tammy

  10. Kate

    I’d love to live somewhere where we could have a few chickens. Technically here in the city we’re allowed, but with so many technicalities it’s too much of a pain. I love their coop, it’s adorable!

  11. shirlgirl

    I like your enclosed chicken run. We need to do that for those times we are gone a long while but don’t want to keep them closed up in their house. We had two and something got them both one day free ranging while we were gone.

  12. shirlgirl

    So happy that you and baby are both fine. I will keep you in my prayers.

  13. Lynn@ The Vintage Nest

    I remember the day I walked out to the hen house and found our very first sweet perfect blue egg in early Spring. I think the whole county knew about it. 🙂 I love your house and door. It’s perfect.

  14. Sue@CountryPleasures

    I love it!! You did a great job and were gearing up for some girls and a coop this spring too!

  15. Pam

    I think your coop is really looking lovely. And, I can’t wait until we can be out of town so we can have some chickens, too.

  16. SharShar

    Loved the morning visit to your farm. One idea: our local “country” nursery grows year round hearty herbs as “ground cover” for the tops of some of their arbors- we get little snow, but I’ve also seen it done with grasses in Maine, so I vote to keep the natural “topper.” Maybe it will “grow” on your man.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  17. SharShar

    Sharon writes:

    Love my morning visit to the farm. One idea: Our local “country” garden center grows year round hearty herbs on top of some of their arbors. We rarely get snow but I’ve also seen it done with grasses in Maine. Maybe the idea will “grow” with your man.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Roller Mill Farms

    I see why you wanted to wait, but glad you didn’t. we all see enough perfection in a day, it’s nice to see the process too! I have 9 barred rocks and i’m hoping to add to the flock in the spring! I love love keeping chickens!

  19. Sarah Jean

    It is so wonderful, Angela! Be proud!

  20. Susan Hawthorne

    How adorable. Can’t wait to see the coop in springtime. Susan at Romancing the Home

  21. à la parisienne


    Your coop looks great–all of your added touches make it special. I also love that door (Our back door, original to our home, is just like it:)

    I also like the stump idea in the run. I’ve seen coops with little “perching” space and the hens fight over the feeders and waterers for perching places and look quite sickly from all of their competitive pecking (not to mention how nasty the feeders get from the poo). I say the more perches, the better.

    Looking forward to your charming spring pictures.


  22. Christy

    Such a cute coop but I’m not surprised ….love your style!

  23. Elma

    Love your chicken coop!! We have a coop and this fall had a guy come over to build a run. I bought a door for the run s0 the kids can go in there to clean and play with the chickens but the builder did not put the door in so there is no way to get in the run. He also did not put some chicken wire on the top so the chickens just fly out of the run:( Can not wait for spring and see what you do in your garden!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Sharon Morrison

    Wow, I am impressed. Chickens and a house for them and all. I don’t know the first thing about taking care of chickens. When I was young, I would visit my GM on her farm and help gather eggs. I also would watch her ring their necks…so she could fry them up!!
    Being more mindful of organic and healthy food, you make me want to try to raise chickens for eggs. My neighbors would croak!!! I think though, by city ordinance I can have 7 fowl on my property.

    First, I don’t know where to buy chickens…second I don’t know how to take care of them..and third, I may be to old to mess with it…but boy my little grans would love to help me I am sure!! Love, love your blog and your strength.

  25. Channa

    Darling coop and chickens! I wish we had the space for a larger coop {and city ordinances that allowed more than 6 chickens}. One note, though. I was told when we built ours that chickens have a hard time balancing on thin branches, and prefer the flat side of a 2×4. Apparently, they don’t roost like most birds, but rather “stand” on their perches. Maybe add one of those, too? 🙂


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