You’ve been asking…
I’ve been putting it off.
I mean, there is snow on the ground
and a blue tarp still for the roof.
 (I concede, I will probably loose the “grass roof” arguement when we resume it this spring.)
It is not really “Pinterest worthy” compared to those beautiful, perfect egg-mansions… but we love it…
(Hubby is neither skilled carpenter… or sitting around with extra money for the worlds cutest coop)
and it’s ours.
And there is no village ordinance that can take this one away!   
We used the door from our beloved “School Barn” – which was, so many years ago the front door to my Great Gramma’s farm house (no longer standing).  
The windows are all from the curb.
Two donated from Mom and one picked up my me and family one rainy morning.  They swing out – which will be so very charming come this spring.
The bench was found on the property when we moved in.
So was the milk can.
I will either find or make window boxes for the two windows.
The coop itself is big and warm.
10×10 – plenty for 25 plus birds and insulated.   
The run is even bigger and gives them a place to scratch around if we are going to be gone all day and don’t want them free rangin’ all over the place.
Ok… nuff said for now...
Here’s a few snaps-
 We have 16 gals right now.
All named after female characters of Downton Abbey – when we get our rooster this spring, of course, his name will be “Lord Grantham.”  DUGH!!!
LeeLee and I cleaned the coop out the other day and spread the crappy straw all over one quarter of the Potager – getting ready for our Back to Eden garden.

 See why I didn’t want to do this post yet?  It’s such an ugly time of year.  Got-to-love the orange extension chord keeping the gals warm at night.  The ground froze before we could dig and lay electric.
 Of course, two days later we had 50 mile an hour winds... surprisingly everything stayed in place. 

 I found some stumps around the property and dug them into the ground a bit here in the run.  I thought the girls might like something to jump up on – and it looks cute.
 Absolutely no predator tracks or problems yet – I contribute it to my sweet Farmer Boy Aidan who takes such good care, locking the gals in at dusk and this adorable little skunk decoy I found buried in the grass here on the farm.  Lichen and all.  She has a baby but I need to glue its head back on.
 We have 5 of these Barred Rock beauties.  I call them my Chanel birds.  8 Aracaunas and 3 Golden Buffs.

 Inside we used simple closet brackets and branches from a pine tree next to the house.  I love the natural branch look.  I could do without the spray-poop look on the walls though.

The nesting boxes we made with scraps from the project.  This one was broken along the bottom but has since been fixed.
Can’t wait for spring… flowers in window boxes, a real roof and lots of EGGS!!
Hope you enjoyed! 
           Now – go get you some girls!!!