Sometimes but not often enough I get to escape outside to do the chores in the early morning.  Before children are running up and down the driveway… before the chickens have been let out…
 It’s so peaceful…
 I’ll load the baby in the stroller and we do the chores together in the cool yellow sunlight…
 Enjoying the last green views of the garden before fall sets in… I love this photo.
 My little trooper loaded up with feed.
 Two of our three rabbit breeding stock: Melissa and Lloyd
 Bonjour Valentino.
 Brother and sister.  Greedy for Grain.
 Like something out of Beatrix Potter a farm cat on the edge of the cistern spying on goldfish…
 Our other breeding doe:  Thelma
 Mornings are for scratching out cookbook ideas in my notebook that lives on the kitchen counter – ever ready…
 For delicious breakfasts you grew and raised yourself…
 For flower arranging to brighten the day…
 And for simple observations before the day kicks in.
These photos are from about three weeks ago.  
All month long I have had Paris on the brain.  It happens every fall.  It’s been over ten years.  
 I love mornings in Paris… the diesel smell of the green garbage trucks, the sound of café chairs being unstacked, the sea gulls on the river.
But right now I have this farm to enjoy.
The September morning sun is creeping through the trees.
I’d better get outside.
Parisienne Farmgirl


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