Looks like we are going to hit 
103 degrees this week!!!
Alas, we’re in the Chicago suburbs and not in St. Martin.
Have you ever been to Mullet Bay?
Aside from Paris (or anywhere in France) and Door County 
it’s my most favorite place in the world.    
It’s like giant swimming pool and like no place else on earth… though  I’ve never been to The Maldives.
Can you imagine?

My garden is suffering… the lawn is yellow and burned…
My roses are fading in this heat and the weeds are FLOURISHING.  I’ll run the sprinkler for a couple hours tonight and try to weed what I can once the ground is nice and muddy.

The best decision we ever made to make it through these scorching Midwest summers is our giant, 10-foot “blow up” pool.
$70 of heat relief.  
I don’t know WHAT I would do without it!

That’s where I’ll be the next few days!
How about you?
Are you enjoying or surviving summer?


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Images, Google, “Mullet Bay” & “The Maldives”