Orprah. This morning is a prime example of why you on are my Love/Hate relationship list. I turned you on to clean house to – only to hear you asking a panel of gay men if “gaydar” was a REAL sense. Am I to take this serious? Really? What about “Stupidar” – is that real too? Cause mine is going off!
Here is a list of other “dars” we could do Oprah shows about…

Straightdar. (According to the men on the panel this would be helpful with the whole “metrosexual” movement and all.)

You get the point. Sadly what Oprah doesn’t know (even though she professes that we are all God’s children) is that for those of us who are in a relationship with Him He does not see us with all these labels that we give ourselves. If He did surely His “dar” devices would be malfunctioning from overload. When He sees us He sees His beloved Son and His blood that we have been saved with.

When we walk around giving ourselves labels that don’t match up with what He says about us – well, its just a sorry path. “I am depressed.” “I am angry.” “I am such a dork.” From my own experience it just makes you more depressed, more angry and feeling like a bigger dork.

As far as statements about ourselves that may seem like bigger hurdles (like “I’m gay.”) To follow Christ means to obey Him too. The closer we grow in relationship to Him the more we want to let go of things that He teaches against. From dishonoring sexuality to lying, cheating, (over)drinking on down the line. (I never said anything about it being easy. Neither did He.)

I am just writing to Christians here – but can you imagine what the Church would be like if we all walked around functioning like the Sons and Daughters of God that we ARE? Our labels would fall away the Eustas’ scales. We would shine.

In the meantime- while we are all learning to shine “gaydar” is a word I could stand to never hear again.