So, we are waiting for the Neurosurgeon to come and check on Don again after his two surgeries today on other patients. I guess this guy is pretty famous, even Google-able. The waiting is really getting to me. It’s just like with Aidan when we were stuck in the PICU with him, I just want that news of improvement, that latest assessment of the situation.
83 miles away is just too far, I am nursing and just can’t dump two kids off under three and take off for a waiting room. I am shooting for tomorrow but in the meantime praise God with me. I mean it, lift your voice to the Heavens, He is so good and is sustaining us all. I can’t stop singing…

Jesus, Jesus.
Holy and Anointed One.
Your name is like honey on my lips,
Your Spirit like water to my soul.
Your Word is a lamp unto my feet,
Jesus I love you.
I love you.

How in the world can we find calm in the middle of the storm?
Only because of Him.