52 Weeks – Week Two. The F Word.

Apr 23, 2013 | Health and Beauty | 24 comments

First, THANK YOU to a blogger who corrected a common typo of mine.  NO hard feelings.  I cram these blog posts into my life and sometimes can pay very little attention to my mistakes because I am so distracted – it isn’t a wonder if I don’t write like the biggest dork.  Thanks for keeping me on my toes… heels.

Second, Sorry this is late.  We had the flu.  Word of advice.  Don’t get the flu (and I don’t mean a “cold”) when pregnant… and don’t get it at the same time as your 19 month old and 3 year old.



Someone warned me against giving medical advice lest someone try to sue me.  That’s sad — Isn’t the internet full of advice???  Thanks girls for the warning.  So, here is my disclaimer:  I am not a doctor, nurse or anything of the like.  I DO have a long history of using more naturally minded doctors, I read A-LOT and try to care for my family using common sense and I love to share my thoughts on this crazy world and the stuff we are doing to our bodies with anyone who will listen.  Just about everything I am going to talk about during this series is something I have experienced myself.  If I suggest something you don’t like (and I will) or it doesn’t work for you please don’t try to sue me.  I have nothing… unless you want my ’97 Suburban.

So let’s talk about the F word.

No not that one.  

The one that is making America passive and apathetic.
This week I implore you to cut FLUORIDE out of your life.
I am serious.  
Vigilantly go after it and get rid of it!!!

Why?  You ask.  “I want healthy teeth!”

Well, how about a healthy brain?

What if I told you that Hitler used Fluoride to dumb down his masses and make them more easily controlled?  What if I told you that I believe that is why Fluoride is pushed on us?

No, I am not crazy.  I am really serious about this.

Fluoride, the fluoride in your toothpaste, in your city water, the fluoride used in your dentists chair, in (most of) the bottled water you use to bottle feed your babies, in your canned goods, in our Starbucks lattés, in our bottled juices, in our bottled water…. 

Do you even know what it IS?
I can’t tell you how it freaks me out when I go to a family members house and see Crest and Colgate sitting on their bathroom counter… When I see them cooking with Teflon every day…
When the pregnant gal at the restaurant tells me she’s on Prozac.
Yes, it’s in Prozac too.  
And, maybe you’ve heard it’s kinda bad and be sure to spit out your toothpaste and all that jazz.  
No, it’s REALLY bad.
It is the bi-product of aluminum, steel, nuclear and fertilizer manufacturing and you just brushed your teeth with it.  
Here’s the long story short and I am totally paraphrasing and simplifying here-
After WWII we sent researchers over to Germany to check things out and they learned how Hitler used Fluoride to make the cities he took over more passive and apathetic.  (As I understand it it was also used on the Jews in the camps.) They were easier to control and manipulate that way.  It made them “more docile towards authority”.  — Fluoride is found in 25% of major tranquilizers and is often called “A Chemical Lobotomy”.

And you wondered why the country is so fixated on American Idol and Glee they don’t have a clue about what’s going on around them.

Just sayin’.

Meanwhile back in the states – factories have excess waste that they have nothing to do with so they hired a guy to find out if Fluoride could be beneficial to teeth.  Hey – there’s an idea!  Let’s tell the public that if they drink the water their teeth will be healthier!
Hey – if it’s good enough for Hitler… (Wait, we already believe that, ahem… Planned Parenthood).

Funny – Eight ounces of (most) city water has the same amount of Fluoride as a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.  If you swallow the toothpaste you are supposed to call Poison Control.  But by all means – drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.

Not Funny.

No, it’s not funny at all.  
I for one am outraged!  
Did I ask to be poisoned?  
Did I ask for the minds of my children to be altered? 
 Do I want to live in a country full of a bunch of zombies???  (I hate that word – but it works here doesn’t it?)

The more I read – the more places I discover Fluoride.
And I thought I was really making headway having nixed it from our toothpaste years ago and then finally moving to a property with a well.

And don’t think your Brita filter is going to do the trick.  Read carefully –  the packaging says, “Leaves in beneficial Fluoride.”

I’ve watched and read a TON on this subject.  Here is a quick video that lays it all out – the interviews at the beginning get old and don’t ask me what that evolution crap is during the last 30 seconds — sadly, when you start getting healthy, you run into weirdos.  🙂  

That’s why we Christians need to lead the pack in this area. 
I am not a big Conspiracy Theorist.  Ok, maybe I am.  But, not a 9/11 Truther or anything like that.  But I do believe there is something going on out there with population control.  SOMETHING is jacked up – I can’t sum it up or put my finger on it, but something is WRONG with what we are told is healthy, what we are told to do to our bodies and what we are forced to do without consent.

Give your brain and your children’s brain a BREAK from the neurotoxin that is Fluoride.  
Hey girls – if you like this series be sure to PIN it!!!
Clean up your mouth (and your body)
Parisienne Farmgirl  


  1. Farmgirl Cyn

    from what i read on my research into fluoride, one of the the first test cities to use it was Grand Rapids. The other was Newburgh, NY.
    The tests were to run for 10-15 years. However, after less than 2 years, they began to campaign for a national fluoridation program…
    The article and it’s findings is here:

    VERY scary stuff

  2. Debra Oliver

    they started using fluoride in our town’s water system when I was little. Hey my teeth were great, but I now have a non functioning thyroid and heart problems.I know that the heart problems are hereditary, but who knows about the thyroid problems..?

  3. Christi

    Oh, this is SO right up my alley! Yes, I agree it is being used to “dumb them down” (not us, cause we’re not using) & YES I believe it is being used for population control – right along with the soy that is pushed, pushed, pushed on everyone. Wake up people!!

  4. Theanne

    I just did a little research (will do more), apparently the county where I live did not start adding fluoride to our water until 2012. Silly me I thought most places had given up adding fluoride years ago. Their information states that it CAN reduce tooth decay in baby teeth by 60% and adult teeth by 35%. What about older children’s teeth and only 35% in adults??? This hardly seems a good rationale for exposing EVERYONE to this chemical. My problem is if there is fluoride in bottle water (plus chemicals from the plastic container) and fluoride in the tap water…what am I meant to drink?

  5. à la parisienne

    Thankfully I have a grow-your-own-food, natural medicine using cousin who filled me in on the dangers of flouride several years ago. We stopped using flouride toothpaste and stopped drinking city water immediately. We purchase spring water but really hope to find a good filtration system since the whole spring water market robs other cities from their natural water sources and uses up more plastic.
    Once while out of town I had to use Listerine toothpaste, which happened to be the toothpaste we had used for years. It set my mouth on fire and tasted like fertilizer, as you mentioned. It was then that I knew for certain that we had been on the right track by quitting flouride toothpastes. It’s really astonishing what our bodies can “get used to” even if those things are destructive.


  6. Cheryl M.

    Angela, great post! Do you have a favorite recipe or brand of non-flouride toothpaste to recommend? Thanks

  7. Noël McNeil

    Great post Angela! I am glad to say that I make our own toothpaste and we have a well on our farm. I will most definitely be pinning this!

  8. the altered past

    Hi Angela- Thank you for courageously exposing the truth! My husband is the manager of a water treatment plant for a local utility district. In our state, the districts are NOT required to feed fluoride to their water supply. It is up to each individual district or municipality. He, as a manager in the business, is against feeding fluoride but has to answer to the District Manager who wants it added. Since the state does not require it, there is no set amount as to what has to be added. My husband was able, however, to make the decision as to how much to feed. While still dangerous, he set his amount to the smallest amount he possibly could. He did want to remain obedient to his boss. So, my point being, everyone needs to contact their area water supply district or state department to see if it is required where they are. If not, many numerous requests that it not be added. We’ve even found dentists that are against it being added to our drinking water. I did not know about Hitler’s use of it but I will certainly be passing the information along now! Thanks so much!!

  9. sweetvintageofmine

    Awesome post….I agree…there is something going on out there! Along with that, “they” are forcing people out of their jobs (who want to work) to be dependent on ? Same as Hitler did to the Jews. AMERICAN TRUCKER are being FORCED off the road if there neck size is more than 16 and etc……sounds unreal?? NO, it’s true!!! They are a lot of things goin on Americans don’t know about….just sayin

  10. Dewena Callis

    I had no idea. My kids are grown but I’m passing this along so maybe my new granddaughter can avoid this. I do know that I get mad when I think of all the times our dentists x-rayed our teeth and now even they are finally admitting that it’s not really necessary.

    I hope you all feel better and the flu has left the house!

  11. Amy Murphy

    Unreal! What is the best source of water without flouride in it? We always used a Britta Filter, but I guess that it still comes through that?

  12. Amy Murphy

    Unreal! What is the best source of water without flouride in it? We always used a Britta Filter, but I guess that it still comes through that?

  13. Tiffany Joan

    Our fam quite fluoride several yrs ago. We use Tom’s fluoride free paste and Jason brand. It’s hard to tell the dentist u don’t want a fluoride treatment. I’m in Oregon and we are known to not add it to our h2o. There r a few counties that might- thankfully ours doesn’t.

  14. Katie

    We got a reverse osmosis system to get rid of it at home. I can’t believe we’ve let our government treat us with a chemical blindly trusting that its beneficial!! Wake up America!!!

  15. Lady Courtney

    Great post, just read to my daughter (and 9 month old grandson) this post. Definitely going to look more into this. I miss the well at my old house. Hope your feeling 100% now! 🙂 donna

  16. The Pennick Family

    Actually, fluoride is also a naturally occurring byproduct of fluorine gas–an element. It occurs during natural, organic changes between fluorine gas and other elements in nature. This kind of fluoride is present in well water, spring water, and in trace amounts in most organic matter (foods, animals, etc.). Since it is a completely different entity than manufactured fluoride, we don’t need to be too worried about our exposure. Man-made fluoride is a different story. On a side note, excessive exposure to fluorine gas or fluoride acts as a stimulant–and a neurotoxin. Nice.

  17. Elma

    Very interesting!! Keep these post coming!! So what do you use in toothpaste?

  18. Jules

    Of course, there is something going on with population control. “Those stinkin’ human beings are wrecking the environment, don’t ya know? There are too many people on the planet. We have to get rid of some.” Sadly, too many people buy into this garbage and are unwilling to seek the truth. I read an article several months ago about the dangers of Flouride. It causes certain cancers in children and adults. A variation of Flouride is used as a pesticide but many in this country still believe the benefits outweigh the risks. Truthfully, if we were aware of the full extent of the evil that our government is guilty of I think we’d be scared witless. You are right. Too many folks are more concerned about “American Idol” or “The Bachelor” or whatever else is on that vast wasteland called television. Our nation is in a rapid decline and so many are content to let this decline continue. But I degress. Forgive me.

  19. Bilancia Designs

    Bravo to you for publically exposing this dangerous chemical!!
    Never be afraid to speak the truth.
    Your disclaimer is sadly necessary (for all the sue-happy crazies out there). It’s wonderful to see it didn’t stop you from forging ahead with your discovery and sharing it will others.
    The world needs more “Angela’s” who will speak the truth FROM THE HEART, with moral standards that refuse to be compromised…
    I’ve stopped by your blog many times and admired your “spunk” … your tell-it-like-it-is posts are refreshing and necessary in a world where almost everything is scary these days.
    Paying attention AND educatiing yourself is a simple message… one you endorse intelligently AND amusingly. 🙂
    Thank you for caring.
    God Bless~

  20. Janet

    Stumbled upon your blog, and this jumped off the page at me! We have just addressed this at my house. Berkey water filters with optional flouride filters will get the flouride out! Expensive but worth it, wonderful well-tasting water. May be TMI–but within days of setting out Berkey up, urine of some people in my home, went from orange-yellow, to almost clear!! So it must be filtering out alot more than flouride=)

  21. Kendra at New Life On A Homestead

    Just found your blog today, and this one caught my attention right away- mainly because I TOTALLY agree, and it’s so nice to hear these words coming from another woman who is actually aware of what’s going on! Thank you for your boldness. We must not be afraid to speak out when we see something that we know is wrong. Even if it means ruffling some feathers 😉 Keep up the great work!

    Kendra (http://newlifeonahomestead.com)


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