To answer questions from Week Two “The F-Bomb”
-We use a fluoride free toothpaste from Trader Joes and it is on “my list” to spend a little time researching all the ingredients.  
-As soon as I can make it to the health food store I want to pick up some peppermint oil as we have just discussed as a family switching over to good old baking soda with a dot of oil for freshness.
-As for water filters – We had our well checked for pesticides and other things but after reading more on the subject since moving in plan to do it again.  At the old “Parisienne Farmhouse” we had an under-the-counter filter system that we bought and installed ourselves (you need a drill bit to cut thru your sink).

Juice Me Up.

Are you getting enough Veggies and Fruits?  

Probably not.

And sadly, even if you try to eat them every day – they don’t have NEAR the nutritional value that they did when our Great Gramma’s were growing them.

That’s where juicing comes in for me – mass quantities of veggies and fruits that I would never have the patience to consume in one day.

We have always juiced “in spurts” in our house.  In fact, I have juiced “in spurts” since I was about 18 years old but it is only recently that I have committed to making it a part of my life no matter what – forever.
Juicing is not just for weirdos, your skin doesn’t have to turn orange… and it’s not just for those on a raw diet.  Juicing is an AMAZING way to supercharge your families health and energy.  A great way to stave off and in many cases that I have read, even heal cancer.

It tastes amazing (unless you get carried away with the garlic) and it is totally addicting.  Back before I had kids and I was a runner I used to juice 3 grapefruits, way a bit for it to settle so I wouldn’t cramp and then go hit the pavement – BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ – it was like a high!  I could feel it kick it – I became totally addicted to that morning fruit buzz.  Probably WAY to much fructose but dang, I loved it.

These days I am really worried about my family not getting enough of those “dark green leafies” so I have added juicing to a small list of new health habits for the 6, soon to be 7 of us.  (Others include daily probiotics (another things I have done in spurts) and chia seeds.

Juicing does have it’s down sides – it’s a pain in the ass.

For me, it adds an extra fifteen minutes to my morning kitchen routine and it drives me nuts but when I see my kids pound that green juice and then BEG for more – well, I feel like supermom.
To help save time I keep all my juicing items in one place in my fridge (I’ll share with you my “juice basket” in an upcoming post) or if I really have myself together, the girls and I will wash and bag 7 days worth of juice recipes.  I have NOT researched this and so there are probably healthier concoctions out there.  Our recipe that we are following these days consists of:
3-5 apples
1 lemon
5 big leaves of kale
3-5 stalks of rainbow chard
3-5 huge handfuls of spinach
a small piece of ginger
2 garlic cloves 
5 carrots
3-5 sticks of celery
2 big stalks of broccoli

Currently I am able to find almost all of this organic.  I will NOT use apples that are not organic and it’s been hard to find organic celery the last month of so.  The apples and celery are what make it palatable – as soon as we are growing cucs I will add those because those are SO REFRESHING when juiced and make it easy to stomach just about anything.

We have an OLD Juiceman Juicer and I would wager if you looked hard enough you could find one at the thrift shop or on ebay for VERY cheap.  It’s like ab-machines – people buy them thinking they are going to use them and then never do.  Of course – if you have the budget for a bad-mammer-jammer-juicer then DO IT!  Doctor Mercola has VERY interesting information on why to buy certain kinds of juicers and not others… certain engines can actually heat our leafy greens thus killing some of the nutrients – the one on his website that really interests me is only $259 and you can even make nut butters with it.

There are HUNDRED of different juice recipes for different health goals or ailments.  I can’t say enough how I would encourage you to take this next step for you and your family.  Were I not perpetually pregnant and nursing I would go so far as to substitute one meal a day with a couple glasses of juice.  I would also juice fast three days week every month.

Juicing IS different from making a smoothie or from just eating a raw diet.  Juicing eliminates the fiber (not that fiber is bad) and allows your body to focus only on the juice – no need for digestion.  This break in digestion allows your body to go to work on healing your lymph nodes, adrenal glands and the like all the while being blasted with super nutrients.

 The reality for me is it’s very hard to sustain this awesome habit 7 days a week without fail  – you could call where we live a “food desert” and so when we run out we do go for some days without juicing but I try to hop right back on it when I go grocery shopping (every 2.5-3 weeks).  As soon as the garden kicks in – WATCH OUT – we are going to be juicing maniacs.  The scraps are great for your chickens and/or your compost pile too though I would like to figure out a way/reason to consume these scraps… I wonder.  I have read about making “veggie chips” with your dehydrator.
To help with the high cost of this particular health habit I will be researching the nutritional value of freezing the juice and I am going to try to load up my freezer with juice from my garden for the winter.   (I have read that certain juicers are better for freezing quality too.)

Why not add juicing to your improving healthy lifestyle.  You will TOTALLY love it!

Need some inspiration??? 
Here is a movie to ROCK YOUR WORLD!!!

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Mean and Green,
Parisienne Farmgirl