Ok, So I saw this little video and I was like… WHOA!
There is something about it…
First of all, it’s aggressive and in-your-face… even though I agree with almost every point it is making (though some, like the reference to diabetes, I have never considered)… to see it all lumped together really got me thinking.
I am challenged to think about how women are treated in our culture.  From the lack of honor a pregnant woman receives to the crazy system we have where young, young women are being advised to have their breasts removed if there is a history of breast cancer and threatened with lack of medical coverage if they don’t. 

(I have had this post scheduled for a couple days – then today I saw the news about Angelina Jolie – I was stunned.)

Women are beautiful creatures made in the image of God but I think if we stop and pay attention or begin to research we will see very quickly that there is little to NO respect for our “gentle sex” out there.
Women for so long have wanted respect.
And in my little opinion, from maternity care to so-called sexual freedom — the system is jacked.
You’re probably gonna get a little ruffled by this video – which is why I have to share it of course.
Your thoughts???