52 Weeks – A Video to Agitate Your Thoughts

May 15, 2013 | Uncategorized | 10 comments

Ok, So I saw this little video and I was like… WHOA!
There is something about it…
First of all, it’s aggressive and in-your-face… even though I agree with almost every point it is making (though some, like the reference to diabetes, I have never considered)… to see it all lumped together really got me thinking.
I am challenged to think about how women are treated in our culture.  From the lack of honor a pregnant woman receives to the crazy system we have where young, young women are being advised to have their breasts removed if there is a history of breast cancer and threatened with lack of medical coverage if they don’t. 

(I have had this post scheduled for a couple days – then today I saw the news about Angelina Jolie – I was stunned.)

Women are beautiful creatures made in the image of God but I think if we stop and pay attention or begin to research we will see very quickly that there is little to NO respect for our “gentle sex” out there.
Women for so long have wanted respect.
And in my little opinion, from maternity care to so-called sexual freedom — the system is jacked.
You’re probably gonna get a little ruffled by this video – which is why I have to share it of course.
Your thoughts???


  1. Mandy

    i agree. while i am not opposed to modern methods of western medicine, i think we totally overlook God’s whole design for our bodies and His medicine chest, if you will. Holistic and natural, meds only when necessary { and to me necessity is not by what an md says}

  2. à la parisienne

    I would say that some scientific medicine does destroy the natural body, while in other cases it saves the body (open heart surgery, for example). This video is interesting. I’ve never focused my thoughts of our modern medicine on just females. I think there are many things at work here–the business of medicine is one of them. Another factor may be that in our society we think that we have the power to overcome everything, avoid everything, control everything– you know that little beast called Humanism???
    On another note, we live in a society where gender lines are blurred. Each gender is condemned for behaving as he or she is created to behave. Perhaps that has an effect on our modern medicine as well.


  3. Ggomez

    Wow! Um well
    Ok so I grew up with holistic medicines. So I may not be completely open minded however some western medicine is important! And some western medicine/procdures are a women’s choice! A healthy in between is needed as well as not just trusting doctors with out doing your own homework.

  4. Dewena Callis

    I’ll have to watch this again as I’m not sure if they’re saying no to all hospital procedures? I do know we are going to be in for a rude shock if our health care becomes like Canada’s, which I guess is excellent unless you’re in pain like the young woman on a delightful blog called My Forest Haven who raises the most beautiful goats, sheep, etc. in Canada and is struggling to do her chores because of the pain she’s in and it takes 6 months in Canada to see a pain specialist.

    Here in the U.S., where I’m on Medicare and a supplementary policy, the prescribed vitamin Metanax that I have to have for neuropathy in my feet has risen to $190 for 3 month supply, every penny that I have to pay. Whereas, it would pay up for something like Lyrica that my dr has tried to get me to substitute for the vitamin, and that drug has a long list of scary side effects.

    I know there are a million stories like mine out there. I am following your series with interest.

  5. Micheline Glendinning

    I was shocked to hear about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy. I am not sure I agree with what she did. If we follow that logic we might as well remove everything because every part of our body can develop cancer. Who knows?

  6. Theanne

    Since all of the reading I did about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy was on Facebook…I’ll admit upfront that my information was probably skewed. What I read said her mother had died of the genetic cancer (in her 50s) and that there was an 86% chance that Ms. Jolie would also develop this cancer. I didn’t read anything in the original information about Ms. Jolie being denied medical coverage if she didn’t have the removal of both her breasts. My understanding was that Ms. Jolie had the information and made an informed decision to have this procedure done. So was she forced to have this procedure or did she and she alone make this decision based on the information she was given and had access to?? And what about all the women who have done this but were not high profile like Ms. Jolie? She’s not the only person I’ve read about who has elected to have this procedure done. Did my mother really need to have her uterus removed when I was 9? Or was her doctor performing this procedure on multiple women to build a bigger house, buy a fancier car or go on vacation? I believe there has to be a balance between mainstream medicine and medicine that is less traditional. I still use Vicks for unclogging my nose and keeping it draining, I still drink gingerale when my stomach is upset, I take aspirin to reduce the clotting time of my blood…none of these things are exactly cutting edge medicine. I believe every adult person who has access to a library and/or a computer can learn a great deal about a condition they may have and traditional and non-traditional ways of treating it. I also believe every person has the right to decide how their body will be treated if they are sick. Whether their insurance will cover the decision they make is another matter all together. I do need to keep a better degree of attention on the statin issue since I take a statin drug. I read an article which I hope I’ve kept access to that suggested a non-traditional way of controlling cholesterol levels…I intend to discuss this with my doctor.

  7. FrancophileUSA

    Dearest Angela, I fought breast cancer and won. I had a high tech targeted radiation therapy. If it had not been caught and treated early, it would have spread all over and I may be dead by now. After I completed the radiation therapy I had the same test as Angelina. Due to the results of my test it was determined that I did not have to have chemo. Angelina Jolie made a very personal choice to have her breasts removed and only shared her story in order to encourage women to be tested.

  8. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Oh gosh girls, I hope you don’t think I was coming down on Angelina’s decision. I can’t imagine how difficult it was and how brave one must be to make such a choice.
    When I referenced the medical coverage being denied I was not referencing her story (as I said, I wrote the post days before her story broke) I was in fact referencing a family friend who felt forced to make the choice after the threats by her insurance company.
    I do believe there are two sides to fighting breast cancer but I believe that only one side (drastic measures, radiation, mammography, etc) are offered to women when there are more choices available. In many ways I feel it has become a money making industry and I will write on this later…

  9. DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family

    The best thing about this series is opening up dialog. Our society has become so complacent.

    When you acquire cancer, you become a total statistic! Your entire treatment is predicated “by percentage.” Angela addressed a terrifying family statistic. I may have done the same as a young mother wanting to live for my children. (I know that you are not coming down on her.)

    The tests and the surgeries that Angelina had are expensive. Insurance only pays for it if your family history deems it necessary. I am quite certain that her financial status allowed her to pay for much of it.

    With personal reference to your post and video…I am a breast cancer survivor. I was lucky, not to have needed chemotherapy. I did however receive radiation.
    I stopped taking a “post” breast cancer drug after two years, because of it’s negative effects. This probably tagged my chart “AMA”. (The doctor said by not taking it that I have a “1”% additional risk of cancer’s return.)

    A scarry thing “out there” is the term “AMA” AGAINST MEDICAL ADVISE.
    If the insurance companies see this
    in a patient’s clinical notes, as you say…sometimes they won’t pay.

    I am grieving as they implement ObamaCare. The very choices that the “DEMS” say that they are giving women will diminish with age, and be gone completely once a woman turns 65! It goes with the with the progressive philosophy “if it’s inconvenient, abort it!” We now murder late term babies!
    The next phase is “abort Grandma and Grandpa”, as they rape Medicare and pour it into ObamaCare.

    The word “progressive” is an “oxyMORON”

    P.S. The Susan Komen Foundation is now “dead to me” after I found out that the “cure” money was funding abortions and they fired their pro-life VP. WOW just WOW…that’s what progressives call choice! If you don’t choose their way…it’s the highway!

    Keep up the fight little sister!

  10. Jenny Lynn

    quite frankly between modern medicine, and fashion mag’s….we have to much to think about. Might be why so many are stressed out. I appreciate Angelina deciding what would work for her. That is what we all should be doing, deciding what is right for us without worry of being judged for it.

    That video, whew…will have to watch it again to have an opinion.


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