Here is a comment I left in my own box after reading the comments from the other day.  Just to clear up any confusion.
“Oh  gosh girls, I hope you don’t think I was coming down on Angelina’s decision.  I can’t imagine how difficult it was and how brave one must be to make such a choice.
When I referenced the medical coverage being denied I was not referencing her story (as I said, I wrote the post days before her story broke) I was in fact referencing a family friend who felt forced to make the choice after the threats by her insurance company.
I do believe there are two sides to fighting breast cancer but I believe that only one side (drastic measures, radiation, mammography, etc) are offered to women when there are more choices available.  Sadly, in many ways I feel it has become a money making industry and I will write on this later…”

 So I know that white flour is not the best… but alas, I am a baker and use it often.  Some of our foods we buy are gluten free (just to give our systems the occasional break) but truth be told – the kids have to eat and praise the Lord, bread fills them up.
I do buy organic, unbleached, unbromalated flour and go out of my way to avoid “enriched flours” when buying something non-organic. Yes, feeding your family in a healthy way can be a pain in the butt.
Have you ever wondered what all those ingredients are on the side of your pasta or cereal box?  Or why there has to be four hundred ingredients for a baguette found and the end-cap of your supermarket aisle?  Scary.
I have been reading a lot about things added to our food to make them “look good” to us.  Things added to our foods to make mothers feel like they are feeding their kids all the nutrients they need.  But… come on.  Do you really believe that?  
I am sorry.  But I don’t.  I think just about everything comes down to money –  I mean, why in the world would General Mills care about the health of my child?  Forgive my jaded heart.  That’s me.  
“J, J, Jaded”
Any other Aerosmith fans in the house?
As you have seen, sometimes it’s easier for me to sum up what I want to say with a handy little video and sometimes – as with this one – you have to see it to believe it!
What if I told you there were metal fragments in some of the food you’ve eaten today.  
Shrapnel girls.  
Here’s another reason to go organic, raw… just anything other than boxed “food”.