Someone warned me against giving medical advice lest someone try to sue me. That’s sad, isn’t the internet full of advice? Thanks for the warning.
So, here is my disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nurse or anything of the like. I DO have a long history of using more naturally minded doctors, I read A LOT and try to care for my family using common sense and I love to share my thoughts on this crazy world and the stuff we are doing to our bodies with anyone who will listen. Just about everything I am going to talk about during this series is something I have experienced myself.
If I suggest something you don’t like (and I will) or it doesn’t work for you please don’t try to sue me. I have nothing. Unless you want my ’97 Suburban.
This is for all women – of any age – after all… we all know someone who is on…
THE PILL (and let’s lump in any other chemical birth control). I know I have blogged about this before (and at least two readers emailed to say they went off the pill!) but I am doing it again.
I could make it really easy and just say, 
“Get off the pill. Yesterday.”
But I’ll break it down a bit.
I was on the pill for three years, many years ago when I was first married. And I was a wreck: bloated, sore breasts, no libido, leg cramps, I was emotional and couldn’t loose a pound no matter how hard I worked out.
Then, I stumbled onto a newsletter that made many radical claims about the dangers of the pill. I was sold and promptly went off it and never looked back. I know not everyone experiences those symptoms but that doesn’t make the pill any less dangerous.
Let me tell you what I have learned since then. 
 And then, get off the pill.
For me, the simplest way to think about it is this – the pill is adding hormones to your body – hormones that have no business being there. They mess with your intestinal flora, your adrenal glands… just look at the rise of breast cancer over the years since the pill has been released. AND IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN – YOU MUST DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THE PILL AND ABORTION. The side effect no one wants to take about.
 Your body is a fine machine – birth control is easy without the pill. And I am not talking about Russian Roulette. And don’t even get me started on doctors who prescribe it for “heavy periods” or for acne. But don’t listen to me… listen to the experts (and by experts I mean the ones who don’t get kickbacks from the drug companies!)
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride says…
“It causes many deficiencies, it tends to create copper/zinc imbalances, and it causes women to lose all interest in sex, which seems very counterproductive.
We need to teach young women about natural family planning and about honoring our cycles.
The estrogens in the pill are synthetic, and not the same molecules that the body produces.  Instead they’re called, “xeno-estrogens” and are harmful to the body.  The pill also causes differences in the viscosity of the blood, and can cause heart disease, stroke, and a long list of problems.  We’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg in our understanding of the complexity of hormonal balance in the human body, we are in no position to be messing with that.”
In The Breast Cancer Prevention Program, Sam Epstein, MD, writes, “more than 20 well-controlled studies have demonstrated the clear risk of premenopausal breast cancer with the use of oral contraceptives. These estimates indicate that a young woman who uses oral contraceptives has up to ten times the risk for developing breast cancer as does a non-user, particularly if she uses the Pill during her teens or early twenties; if she uses the Pill for two years or more; if she uses the Pill before her first full-term pregnancy; if she has a family history of breast cancer.” Thus, a woman who takes the Pill for two years before she’s 25 and before she’s had a pregnancy to term increases her risk of breast cancer tenfold.
Many women foolishly equate “natural methods” with their large-family-having Catholic friends and scoff at their effectiveness. This is very misinformed. I am an all natural girl in many ways (thought I have yet to give up perfume) and have found wonderful ways to prevent pregnancy that are science based. It’s working WITH your body and not against it. They are reliable and I recommend them for any married women.
May I suggest:
This book unpacks the FAM method – it’s more then just taking your temps every morning. This book is AWESOME for birth control and those TRYING to get pregnant.
And then this little number that even surprised my midwife – I love this thing!
How about a little microscope that shows changes in your saliva when you are fertile?



Hormonal changes are irritating and freaky enough.
Self breast exams.
Pap smears.
We girls need to work WITH our bodies.
Not against them.
I flushed mine down the toilet…
Will you?
52 Weeks.
Next post, Week 51 coming next Friday.
Here’s to what makes us girls!
Parisienne Farmgirl